It’s time to move on


Despite everything, the memories we made won’t leave me—the countless hours we spent together, laughing, talking, bonding, and getting to know each other. 

I replay every moment we spent together over and over in my head. It’s unfathomable for me to believe that it’s all over.

It was like my world came crashing down on me.

Instantaneously, I was shoved back to the dark place you saved me from, but you moved on; it’s time I do, too.

I need to start moving forward with my life, but it’s so hard to move on when there is so much in the past that holds me back. It’s as if you hold my life in your hands. You were all I had—it felt that way for a while at least.

You’ll always have a place in my heart but it’s time we stop this cycle before I get hurt again.

We talked about the future, the past, and we even made plans for the unknown. 

I told you about all the places of my life: the ups, downs, my passions, my pet peeves, my secrets.

It’s time I move on, but I can’t—it’s unexplainable. It’s like I’m drawn to you, knowing very well that if I go back, I’m bound to get hurt. You might not want anything to do with me, but I still care about you. I will always care about you. 

You can push me away, but we still have this incomprehensible magnetism toward each other that we will always have. Despite the circumstances, we still draw near to each other, yet it typically ends up hurting me. I never learn, but it’s time that I do.

It’s time I stop crying over the past, start looking towards the future, and finally learn from my mistakes.

You’ll always have a place in my heart, but it’s time we stop this cycle before I get hurt again.

I’ll always cherish the memories we made; I’ll cherish them for as long as I can, knowing very well that they will eventually fade into nothing. It’s time I learn to be happy without you; it seems impossible, but I’ve done it before. You came back into my life just to make it crash back down again.

I’ve found ways of replacing the hole in my heart that you left, but it takes a long time to forget and forgive everything you have said and done. You can’t come in and out of my life whenever you want to. It’s not fair to me. It takes weeks, even months, to heal from the damage you cause.

Thankfully, I bounced back, but I didn’t go back to being the same person you knew before. Things changed—I changed.

Because of you, I pushed away the people who care the most about me. Because of you, I was broken.

It’s time you know what I really go through when you carelessly leave without thinking about what will happen to me. 

Knowing how bad my dark side is, you were one of the very few people who could save me from its depths. You knew it, too, and yet you still leave whenever you want. Next time you leave, I’m not so sure I can bounce back like I always do. I’m scared that I won’t be the same person, and I’m scared that this time I’ll be destroyed to the point of no return.

After all these years, it’s time I learn not to trust anything you say or do. I know very well that you’ll end up leaving me without even looking back. Pushing me back into my dark place every time you leave my life, not knowing the damage you leave behind, you leave me to wallow in despair. It’s time I stand up for myself.

You can’t keep breaking my heart thinking it’s okay for you to leave. I’ve learned my lesson; I won’t fall for it anymore. This will be the last time you leave me broken, and I refuse to fall for your lies again. It’s time I move on with my life without your presence in it.

I’m over you; I’m ready to move on without you. You’ve hurt me for the last time; I was told the truth, and now I know what kind of person you really are. You have no place in my life anymore.

After everything, I can’t look at you the same. I’m done longing for your messages, seeking your attention, and wanting your approval. After you showed your true colors, it made me realize that I don’t need you in my life; you don’t have control over me anymore.

No more tears. You can’t break me again because I won’t be able to survive. 

You’ve broken me for the last time.