Player Profile: Reed Aleck


Name: Reed Aleck

Grade: 12

Sport: Tennis/Baseball

Five things you don’t know about Reed:

1 – His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2 – He wants to play baseball at a small college (University of Chicago or Case Western Reserve University)

3 – His favorite subject is math

4 – His favorite TV show is “Everybody Hates Chris”

5 – He wouldn’t trade his 4 years of tennis at FHC for anything

Favorite memory from this year’s tennis team – Beating FHN to secure the conference title

Most memorable match – Beating FHN in three sets at states

Team superstition – Eating Hostess chocolate donuts and chocolate milk the night before a match

Team motto -“Too much sauce”

Funniest teammate – Connor Genschaw