The sprinkles of the little things in my life


My dog Tia wearing a unicorn costume.

I wonder sometimes what I would live my life as if I didn’t have my little things—if I didn’t have my friends, my family, or my hobbies. If I take all those things away, would life even go on as life?

I, of course, would not be the same human being; would I even be a human being? I wonder if the little things are what makes us human beings. Our little things form our morals in life, they give us breath, and they create a safe haven. 

My little things consist of my family: my mother, my father, my little sister, my dog Tia, and my sister’s cat Zelda. My little things consist of my friends: Liberty, Kate, Marcus, Chase, and Kai’Enna. My little things consist of my hobbies: singing, running, going on drives, and writing. 

Other little things that cross my mind are the warming weather of summer when I hear the singing birds, when I am hugged by the sun, when I can hear the twinkling of the water, when I can change my hair as if it’s a chameleon, when I can cruise down the coast of Lake Michigan with the windows down as the summer breeze waves by, when I can look over the Lake Michigan waters and see them glisten, and when I can watch the glowing orange sunsets fade. 

Our little things form our morals in life, they give us breath, and they create a safe haven. 

But all these little things are temporary, which is what makes my obsession for them grow. It creates more of a cherished glow for them because I am not able to be entranced by them every day. I wonder if someday these little things were to disappear completely that I would simply wither away, wither away from the absence of these little things. 

Maybe writing about these little things will frighten me more of their departure, when they will soon fleet from me and disappear. Will they disappear from my memory, or will I still remember fragments of the memories? 

I hope that the fragments of the memories won’t cut me to the point where I subside them from my memory as they shatter my life. I hope that if they dissipate they won’t break me too much. 

I shall strive to hold these little things up high for as long as they let me. For these little things create the human being I am. But, I fear without them I shall fall into an endless black tunnel and never turn back.