The thought of you is what keeps her living


The sun is high in the sky with the beach as the setting.

Maybe you could see the hope in her eyes—the ones that glistened with a million dreams— 

Maybe you could see her aura light up as soon as she saw you. 

Maybe you keep her up at night because her thoughts are choking her to where she feels like she can’t breathe anymore. 

Maybe she’s at battle with herself about it. 

In secret, she is like the roses in her room, withered and lonely. 

But, you will never know that because she will never let it escape. 

You are also the only thing that keeps her eyes lit up at night. 

You are also the only thing that keeps her spirit from brushing the ever cold ground. 

The touch of your fingers can spark memories for her. 

The scent of you can make her think a million things. 

The thought of you lets life linger in her. 

But, what should befall her when your presence is gone?