The seniors of FHC recount their years in high school while looking forwards to what’s ahead


Sukhpreet Singh (left), Eden Growney (top right), and Sam Tuori (bottom right).

Senior Sam Tuori has one main piece of advice for freshmen: savor every moment.

“At the end of the day, we’re only here for four years and everybody moves on,” Sam said. “Try to make every single memory that you can while you’re here because it’s a blast, and [you shouldn’t] take any of it for granted.”

There are a countless number of clubs, teams, and activities that are available to do during high school, and even though Sam did football and is the “stats guy” for baseball and basketball, he wished he did more.

“I hosted the [Random Acts of Talent] show as a senior, and I was like, ‘Man, I should have tried to be in this show when I was younger,’” Sam said. “I can’t be [in the show] anymore, there isn’t a next year to go be in it.”

Though he might not have done the R.A.T. show, Sam has truly enjoyed football and his position as the “stats guy.” Sam describes himself as a “social butterfly,” so it has been a pleasure for him to be around people and make new friends.

“Making new friends and having opportunities is always really fun,” Sam said, “and growing with people and getting to know a couple of the teachers outside of [school too].”

It’s the time of year when seniors begin making their decisions of where they are going to attend college. For Sam, he is planning on going to Michigan State University. What he is going to major in is still a question for Sam, but he has it narrowed down to a major in some sort of statistics or finance.

“I really like numbers,” Sam said, “so anything I could really do numbers-wise would be ideal, but [I’m] keeping an open mind.”

With the current seniors about to leave FHC, the juniors are about to take their place. Sam is hoping that their final year in high school will not have to look different because of COVID-19. He also wants the upcoming seniors to soak up and savor every minute of their last year.

“Embrace [senior year], and enjoy it,” Sam said, “and just have a blast. Senior year has been so much fun, even though it’s been a lot different. And make last-ditch efforts for things, if you really want to go do something, it’s your last chance. You can’t hide in the back anymore. You can’t not try out for the lead of the school play anymore because there is no time next year. So I would say don’t be afraid to take your risks and be yourself, and just try to enjoy every single second of the year.”

Similar to Sam, senior Eden Growney hopes that the upcoming seniors do not lose their motivation.

“I’ve found myself kind of slipping away from [being] a regular teen in school and everything,” Eden said, “and the hardest thing for me right now is just trying to get motivation for these last three weeks that we have because I want to end on a good note. So just keep up your motivation, and end things in a way that you’d be proud of.”

After her senior year, Eden has decided to attend the University of Michigan, majoring in software engineering. Eden describes herself as more of a left-brain dominant person, which makes subjects such as math and programming seem like second nature to her. 

“I like programming, and I like math a lot,” Eden said. “So I think I really want to go into something with engineering [and] computers.”  

Eden has four years of memories from high school, but her favorite happened during the homecoming week of her senior year. More specifically, when she was on the homecoming court.

I guess [I have] that passion and joy of seeing how far we’ve come in terms of technology and being able to travel outside of our planet. And so I want to be involved in helping us progress further than that.

— Sukhpreet Singh

“It was just an experience that I will never get again,” Eden said. “I was so honored to be chosen, to be even on the court.”

Even though Eden was not crowned queen, she was still filled to the brim with gratitude for simply being on the court.

Along with being on the homecoming court, Eden is on the varsity soccer team, was on the ski team, is in the National Honor Society, and in her junior year, was in the competitive business club, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).

“I like how I get to spend time with people,” Eden said, “[not with all of] my friends, but [with] people I usually wouldn’t talk to. I get to grow closer with people that I may just see in school, which is definitely something that you can’t really get in just school. You have to kind of experience those activities outside of school to get to know people you only see in school.”

Throughout her four years of high school, Eden has realized that she has grown more mature in the sense that she is able to manage her time well. From freshman to senior year, she has found a way to make time for school, sports, and time for hanging out with her friends.

“I think that’s really important to be able to make a schedule that works for you,” Eden said. “[One] that you’re happy with [and that] doesn’t stress you out too much or it doesn’t make you lazy.”

What helped Eden get through high school was her remarkable time management skills. What she hopes that freshmen remember to do, is to not stress over every little thing.

“I felt like sometimes I would over-complicate things in high school and try to overthink something,” Eden said. “Whether it’s a bad grade or a bad experience that [I] had, overthinking really gets me. But it doesn’t matter in the long run—even things that happened to me sophomore year that I thought were the biggest deals in the world. I look back at them now, and they have no effect on really who I am right now in a bad way.”

Senior Sukhpreet Singh would tell the freshmen to try their hardest to get involved with things in school. 

Throughout high school, Sukhpreet has done marching band and was the drum major his senior and junior years. He’s a part of Science Olympiad, National Honor Society, and had the honor of being part of the student board this year.

“Reach out, and get involved in things,” Sukhpreet said, “and [try] to meet new people because, at the end of the day, those things will impact you in the long run in a positive way.”

What Sukhpreet enjoyed the most about being involved in so many school activities was the community aspect of it. Doing these activities also helped Sukhpreet find his place in school, helping him become the person that he is today.

“I guess those different activities I’m involved in have helped me find my place and my people,” Sukhpreet said, “and I look like the people that are molded [from those activities], and that’s what to like about them.”

Just like Eden, Sukhpreet is also going to the University of Michigan, but he is going to study aerospace engineering.

Sukhpreet has been fascinated with planes since he was a kid. He remembers his first time ever going on an airplane, looking out the window and seeing the landscape from thousands of feet above the ground.

“I guess [I have] that passion and joy of seeing how far we’ve come in terms of technology and being able to travel outside of our planet,” Sukhpreet said, “and so I want to be involved in helping us progress further than that.”

After looking back on his high school experience, Sukhpreet has come to the conclusion that he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I like where I am now and who I am now,” Sukhpreet said. “I feel like the choices and memories that I’ve made over the past four years have helped me become that.”