Day 1 of Student Profiles

Katie Knister Brings an Optimistic Attitude to FHC


For most FHC students, FHC is just their school. For senior Katie Knister, FHC is a place to be grateful for and to make change happen.

Katie acts as the president of the Student Council Board, which has allowed her to work intimately with both staff and students. However, her job differs from that of the class president, as she organizes all grades’ functions, sets up meetings, and bridges the gap between the adults working with student council and the students involved. She has worked on student council since her freshman year, and after being secretary of Student Council Board her junior year, she decided to run for president of the Board her senior year.

For Katie, her involvement in student council has allowed her to see the opportunities and privileges FHC provides to students. Although many students may find it difficult to recognize these opportunities through the “Forest Hills bubble,” Katie hopes to change students’ perspectives on FHC.

“As a freshman and sophomore, even though I was on student council, I just didn’t realize [the amount of opportunities we have,] and I took that for granted,” Katie said. “Now I realize, ‘Okay, I’m here at Forest Hills Central, and I want to make the most of it.’ I don’t want to let these opportunities pass me by, and I want to make the most of them and not take them for granted.”

I don’t want to let these opportunities pass me by, I want to make the most of them and not take them for granted.

— Katie Knister

Even though Katie didn’t realize the opportunities she had at FHC when she was an underclassman, she hopes to instill the idea of pride and gratefulness into younger students’ minds. Even though Katie doesn’t know every student at FHC personally, she still believes she can impact them through her interactions and involvements.

“I’m hoping that there will be this kind of trickle down effect, where if I affect ten people and every one of those ten people affects ten people; hopefully, that will make a difference,” Katie said.

Growing closer to staff and students alike has been an important part of Katie’s experience on student council. The relationships she has built have been eye-opening to her experience at FHC.

“I really realized the most important thing is being able to grow closer to people,” Katie said. “I think everything allows us to care for others and make a positive impact on other people’s lives, or affect them negatively. I really think that getting to know other people and building those relationships and supporting each other and just being a caring person is really important.”

One vital relationship Katie has formed is with Vice President of the Student Council Board, senior Mitch Miller. They work closely together and he sees her positive attitude and dedication shine through her projects.

“The energy that Katie brings to meetings and her overall daily life is unparalleled by anyone else,” Mitch said. “I think that it is this energy that has allowed her to be such a positive influence on the school.”

Through Katie’s optimistic thoughts and kind soul, she is able to work hand-in-hand with FHC staff members to make school events such as Homecoming, Winterfest, and Family Promise possible. One such teacher she works with is Brad Anderson.

“Katie is such an all-star,” Anderson said. “She is highly motivated and her love for the students and staff of FHC shines through her every interaction.”

Katie has worked tirelessly with student council, and her dedication to FHC is easily seen. She believes in utilizing the opportunities that are provided, and she intends to spread her wisdom to other students at FHC. Katie’s pure dedication and motivation to make FHC a more enjoyable and united school makes her truly unique, and she has certainly worked hard to push FHC to the point it is today.

“Everything is so much more meaningful when you really take something and just embrace it, take advantage of it, and work your hardest,” Katie said.