We Baby Bears cannot compare to it’s predecessor

Cartoon Network has kicked off the new year with the return of three familiar faces. The show We Bare Bears was top-rated, dating back to 2015, and its sarcastic yet childish humor was an excellent mix for teens and kids. 

How might Cartoon Network’s prequel, We Baby Bears, compare to such a simple, yet fantastic show? 

This show is not the first time we have seen our three fuzzy mammals as children; they are shown often within We Bare Bears, and the masses wanted more of the cubs. The main gist of the show is the bears are trying to find a home, which we viewers know they find after watching them live peacefully in their home through We Bare Bears.

The show’s lighthearted jokes and the voice acting is nothing special, and in fact, it’s everything you would expect out of a kids’ tv show, especially on Cartoon Network. Each episode is packed with many references to social media through one of the bears named Panda.  

This show does not fail in showing the personality of each bear. The characters are consistent with the bears we know and love from the old show. We Baby Bears is almost too light-hearted for me, though. 

While I understand as kids, they have to have higher voices and whatnot, but having the voice lines be unfunny “baby” quotes are lame. One section comes from Panda again in a high-pitched voice, saying, “Ouchie, I have boo-boos on my body.” After that, he begins kissing the pain on his body, and it’s all better. 

Yes, it is a children’s show, but that doesn’t mean the writers have to implement cringy lines that many kids don’t even use nowadays. 

Each episode is only around 14 minutes long, but it was still painful to watch sometimes. After watching We Bare Bears, and the humor compared to its lesser counterpart, I had trouble finishing all 18 episodes of the first and only season as of now. 

This show might be comedic for the correct audience of sheltered kids who don’t acquire a sense of humor. It may have you grinding your teeth, cringing, and wishing to change the channel for any other type of show.

The show’s lighthearted jokes and the voice acting is nothing special

People may see me getting upset with kids show for being too innocent, but that is not the case. Take The Amazing World of Gumball, for example; this is a childrens’ show with so many funny jokes and quotes that will fly over kids’ heads, but still give them enjoyment. That is how television needs to be. There is still story and plot development, and it doesn’t need to be an award-winning show because it is still just a cartoon. Just having that added inclusion of enjoyment for all ages is what We Baby Bears lacks heavily. 

To the writers, please find a way to make this show more enjoyable to an older audience. It doesn’t need to become violent, but make a more exciting plot and expand on the excellent character development you guys have come up with. Many people have looked forward to seeing these younger bears have their own spotlight; don’t mess it up now.