How I Met Your Father was a terrible spinoff that will never live up to the original



The poster for the show How I Met Your Father on Hulu.

Comedy TV is where I live and breathe. It is how I relax, how I calm down, and how I fall asleep. I have a select few series that I watch time and time again—one of them being How I Met Your Mother.

The show follows the legendary lives of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his best friends while he tells his kids the story of how he met the love of his life, otherwise known as their mother. The nine seasons were filled with pure comedy and laughs, and the show will never get old. So, when I saw the new series How I Met Your Father on my Hulu feed, I immediately became intrigued.

To be frank, I had very low expectations for this series. Any spinoff of such an amazing show would never live up to the legacy that the original left. And though my presumptions were correct for the show, it was even worse than I thought it would be.

How I Met Your Father is about a girl named Sophie (Hilary Duff/Kim Catrall) telling her son on a video call in the year 2050 the story of how she met his father while living in New York with her best friend, Valentina (Franci Raisa). Now, at first glance, it seems quite similar to the original show, but it immediately becomes cheesy.

This show was so incredibly bad, that it was almost unbearable to watch.

Sophie had gone on 87 failed Tinder dates within the past year, and she assured herself that the next guy would be “the one.” She is introduced to two guys on an Uber ride to another date, Jesse (Chris Lowell) and Sid (Suraj Sharma). The three become friends and they all begin to maneuver through life together. 

This show was so incredibly bad, that it was almost unbearable to watch. The acting is cheesy—not the typical comedy show cheesy, but the type where the characters were trying so hard to relate to the viewers that it made me grimace. The jokes were never funny; I think I laughed one time, but it was half-heartedly. Even if I went into this show optimistically and open-mindedly, it would have been just as bad. 

As I assumed, this reboot was nothing like How I Met Your Mother. How I Met Your Father was a futile attempt to modernize the original by using Tinder, modern jokes, and modern technology. I could somewhat tell who the new characters were mimicking, with Sophie as Ted, Jesse as Robin, and Sid as Marshall. 

It was very disappointing, because throughout How I Met Your Mother, I never actually knew who the mother was until it was revealed to me in the beginning of the ninth season. But with How I Met Your Father, the first episode ended in a way that was easy enough to figure out who the father was through both the process of elimination and from the events of the original show.  

The only aspect of the show that I enjoyed was the fact that Sid and Jesse live in the same apartment that Ted and Marshall lived in during How I Met Your Mother. Other than this, the show was poorly executed and extremely cheesy.

How I Met Your Father will never be able to live up to the original series. Some shows should never be rebooted, and this is easily one of those series.