Thomas Cobb is taking on the world one chord at a time


Thomas Cobb

Thomas up on stage performing in front of an audience.

Senior Thomas Cobb has been immersed in melodies for almost as long as he can remember. Starting at a young age with the instrumentals of the piano, he was automatically enthralled in a world far bigger than he could have possibly imagined.

“I had never really wanted to play [the] piano,” Thomas said. “I actually started playing when I was around five, and that just opened a lot of doors for me. I quit piano to play guitar because that was my passion.”

Since his first few years of exploration in music, Thomas has been carving out a space for himself, one that has expanded with each live performance and friendship made. Not only has playing the guitar provided him with an outlet for his creativity, but it has also given Thomas a safe space to learn and grow alongside his instrument.

As a result, music and its many offshoots have become the backbone of his life.

“It’s allowed me to become much more of a free-flowing person,” Thomas said. “I couldn’t imagine myself if I didn’t have music in my life. It dictates a lot of my mental makeup and my calmness and relaxedness.”

Thomas has unlocked a realm utterly set apart from the rest of the world by letting his guard down and allowing the melodies to influence his personality. Furthermore, he has discovered a pivotal part of that universe too often overlooked: other people.

The music community is unlike any other.

— Thomas Cobb

While the quest for musical success is enough to draw anyone in, other artists are always there to circumscribe fellow creatives with welcoming and overall calming vibes. Along with that, pursuing a common passion allows these individuals to bond despite their differences and use their talents to build a better world.

These are two things about music that Thomas absolutely cherishes.

“The music community is unlike any other,” Thomas said. “People can communicate non-verbally and get to know each other through sound. I think that’s second to none.”

And while playing alone in his room or with a small group of friends is enough to evoke this sense of camaraderie, Thomas performs live to further involve himself in the acoustic realm he has come to adore. By doing so, he has become equipped with innumerable life lessons to use both on and off stage. Moreover, he has discovered that—at the end of the day—playing on stage is not all that different than any other concert.

“If you do it enough, it’s not [any different],” Thomas said. “I’ve been performing for my entire musical life, and at this point, it’s just the same thing.”

This freedom of expression has become second nature for Thomas. However, he fully recognizes that letting go and performing can often be easier said than done.

“When first approaching playing in front of big audiences, you have to make it seem like it’s nothing,” Thomas said. “You have to imagine you’re in your room, closed-door, no one watching you.”

By taking steps day-by-day to further his prospering melodies, Thomas has found a web of worlds he doesn’t plan on departing from any time soon.

Yet, in looking forward, he has also begun looking back.

He would not be where he is today without the impact music has had on his life, and this pillar of gratitude is one he hopes others moving forward will continue to be able to share in.

“The ability for one to play an instrument is something that should be capitalized on,” Thomas said. “People who are raising children should get them involved [because] there’s just something about that young age where it becomes second nature. [Music is something] I don’t remember ever learning. It’s just a part of my life.”