Tall Girl 2 continues to lower my standards for Netflix rom-coms



Tall Girl Two Netflix poster showing many of the movies main characters

“You think your life is hard, I am a high school junior wearing size thirteen Nikes—men’s size thirteen Nikes” This quote from Tall Girl—a Netflix original movie—went viral as a commonly used, and even more commonly made fun of, TikTok sound. 

Whether you heard this seemingly iconic quote, on your For You page, or actually dedicated an hour and forty-three minutes of your time to the first Tall Girl movie, Netflix has recently decided to release Tall Girl 2

So viewers have plenty more TikTok sounds and unfortunate one-liners from the movie to look forward to.

The movie came out Feb. 11th, 2022, and regrettably, for viewers such as myself, it took work to not shy away from the screen as new storylines, new relationships, and new cringe-worthy content developed throughout the course of the movie. 

If you happened to miss the movie magic that took place in the original Tall Girl—sarcasm intended—then here is a quick update before you decide if you want to dive into Tall Girl 2

The main character Jodi Kreyman, who is portrayed by actress Ava Michell, is the infamous height of 6”1 and a half, as said within the first two minutes of the movie. She faces many adversities due to her height, but mainly she can’t find a boyfriend taller than her. 

However, her best friend, Jack Dunkleman, played by actor Griffin Gluck, has always been in love with her. But he is significantly shorter than Jodi and therefore she never saw him as a viable option for a significant other. 

The relationships are full of issues that send them back to square one: cheating, conflicting schedules, and a general lack of spark. 

The movie was just as superficial as that summary made it sound, and Tall Girl 2 really wasn’t much different. The relationships that were formed in the first Tall Girl may as well have never happened because, in Tall Girl 2, they are full of issues that send them back to square one: cheating, conflicting schedules, and a general lack of spark. 

If I had to pick a highlight from the movie, the romantic relationships definitely would not be it because most of them aggravated me if I could even stand to watch. However, one thing that I think is important to mention, that I actually appreciated about this movie in comparison to the original, is the incorporation of Jodi’s mental health. 

As previously stated, Jodi’s only problem in Tall Girl was that she couldn’t find a boyfriend taller than her; in Tall Girl 2, however, we got to get a little bit deeper under the surface and focus on her anxiety and panic attacks that happen due to her popularity that has skyrocketed since the last movie, along with the toll that being the lead in the school play has taken on her. 

In addition to this being one of the more tolerable aspects of the movie, I also would like to point out that the poor movie script, and bad execution of an idea that’s average to begin with, does not mean I dislike the actors that took part in the movie.

I actually quite enjoy Michell, from the interviews I have watched with her, and back in the old days when she appeared on Dance Moms; I would love to see her in other, more complex movies that can showcase a bit more of her acting capabilities and range. 

Unfortunately though, besides the actors and a couple of new plot lines that I thought were okay, Tall Girl 2 appears to be like every other Netflix rom-com, but this time, I think they might be running out of ideas.