Power Strength has helped bring confidence to athletes

As a runner, sometimes I feel like some of my off-season training leads me in the wrong direction. It poses a struggle to find new workouts and the motivation to get outside or to simply tell myself it’s time to get moving. 

At the end of December, I attended my first training session through a program called Power Strength. There are a few locations in Grand Rapids where you can find the program, but I find myself at the one on East Paris in Kentwood. 

On most Mondays and Wednesdays, I drive to Power Strength. I have only been going for a little under three months, but it has helped me mentally and physically. I run track and cross county, and in the spring, I run the 400-meter dash every meet. Power Strength has helped me prepare and learn new workouts to help with my speed and improvement. 

The moment you walk through the door, the first thing that you may notice is a small sign that says ‘Welcome to Power Strength (name)!’ The community is whole, everyone is welcoming, and after just a week of attending training, you’ll feel a part of a family–not just your average family, but one that offers encouragement and passion. 

I look forward to an hour of pure relaxation. It’s definitely challenging and pushes you to do your best, but for me, I leave feeling fresh and new. For the first ten minutes, we stretch. The groups are fairly small and consist of less than twelve people per hour. Stretching before we do anything allows me to connect on a level with everyone else and feel the vibe of the room.

It’s definitely challenging and pushes you to do your best, but for me, I leave feeling fresh and new.

There are multiple people working with you and they all hype you up during the most difficult parts of your workout. Although coming to Power Strength has helped me with my ability to become stronger, it has also taught me more about time management. We start right at 3:30 every day, and if I show up one minute before, that’s not enough time for me to get ready; therefore, I have to balance my time wisely. 

I’ve had a positive experience, and I encourage those who are looking for a little extra nudge in their athletic training to consider showing up for a consultation. They personalize some of the workouts for your needs, what sport you play, or what strength you need to improve on. Afterward, they’ll talk one-on-one about the next steps moving forward. Both of my older siblings had such positive results that my parents and I felt like it was worth a try. 

The atmosphere is very comfortable, and there’s no need to stress or worry about others judging how much weight you lift, or how something might be harder for you than others. Everyone is different and there to meet their own needs, so the environment is overall understanding of you, individually. 

Power Strength has a lot to offer, and I’ve been impressed about how welcoming the people are and how confident it has made me feel as a person and as an athlete.