Modern-day Romeo and Juliet


Sunset looking over the Grand River at Chief Hazy Cloud Country Park

Romeo and Juliet were always told as a story: finding true love but only for it to end in a sad way. Has anyone thought about their love coming to life? In the world today, thou that shall love one another, shall not always stay together—at least according to society. 

They had it hard; life was much more difficult to navigate around, but they both struggled to keep their friendship and love alive. It was the world against them, and they had a sad ending, and that same fear of endings continues on in modern-day love. 

If people were able to grasp their heads around the fact that everyone can learn to love, fall in love, as well as understand what love is at a young age, the world might be able to comprehend that it’s possible to stay in love forever and still balance life as we know it. Romeo and Juliet were the first and most certainly not the last. 

Watching the orange in the sky fall intertwined with a variety of beach-colored clouds, filled Juliet’s eyes up with warmth and the surreal feeling of forever. She sat there in awe wondering what the night might hold, as her feet were barely covered by her blanket, but the one thing she never wondered or questioned was what life would be like if she hadn’t found Romeo. 

Sitting next to him felt soothing—like life was moving around them instead of staring at them. A brisk, cold evening breeze rushed in every direction, but the cool winter weather did stop them from sharing a special moment with each other. The sun was wishing its farewells while its light cast a gentle sparkle upon the river. Everything was serene and didn’t stop them from taking the silence for granted. 

In the world today, thou that shall love one another, shall not always stay together—at least according to society.

The music suddenly became louder, while the flow of water coasted to the same rhythm of its beat. In the blink of an eye, four feet were dancing on top of the snow—leaving multiple footprints tangled within each other. 

Nobody was there to tell them about their future. Nobody was there to share their opinions. Nobody was telling them how long they’d last, or about the statistics behind love and how many people will stay together in college, or in a long-distance relationship. At that very moment, it was just Romeo and Juliet—nobody telling them how long they could look into each other’s eyes. 

Juliet sunk into his arms and all she could think about was how there will never be perfect but there can always be forever, regardless of what others say. 

That would be one of the many core moments in a modern-day Romeo and Juliet relationship. I won’t say who’s, but what I can say is they will always share new memories together and continue to make new ones. It’s not always the world against them, but sometimes moments like that bring the best out of them both—brings them closer together in their relationship and helps guide them through the many obstacles they’ll continue to face. As time continues to drift, thou that shall find true love shall shelter it even if it means taking risks.