Lilly Harsevoort looks back on what made high school special


Lilly Harsevoort

Lilly skiing for the FHC Ski team

While the school year comes to an end for the Class of 2022, senior Lilly Harsevoort will soon be preparing for what’s to come after high school. She is excited to further her education at Point Loma Nazarene University next fall.

“I am looking forward to moving to the warm weather, getting to experience new things, and meeting new people,” Lilly said.

Although Lilly is ready for what’s to come ahead of her, she is happy to take away some memorable moments at FHC–from Friday night football games to making new friends on the ski team.

Lilly has been skiing since age four, which has resulted in many benefits—especially during the last few years. 

“Ski introduced me to a whole new group of people,” Lilly said. “I’ve become super close to them. It really helped me through COVID-19 and gave me something new to try. It was the best thing I have done. It taught me to keep trying new things.”

As an upperclassman, Lilly has been given many opportunities to be a part of building relationships with younger skiers, and she gives them someone who they can turn to for help and look up to. Over time, Lilly has been able to grow closer with her team and bond with them, trusting that together they will develop long-lasting friendships.

“One of my favorite memories,” Lilly said, “was going to Caberfae with the team and getting to spend the night and hang out with everyone. It was fun, and I felt like I had the chance to become closer with all of the girls, especially the underclassmen.”

Get involved in all the activities throughout the year. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and just enjoy your senior year and surround yourself with good friends.

— Lilly Harsevoort

Although Lilly has been able to make connections with her teammates, she’s also been able to rise as an individual—jumping her own slopes. 

One of my most memorable accomplishments from skiing is making it to regionals with the varsity team,” Lilly said. “Even though we didn’t place as high as we hoped, we all had so much fun and everyone did really well.”

While these accomplishments have contributed to the shaping of who Lilly is, she couldn’t have done it without the immense amount of support that she gets from her family and friends. 

“Thanks to my family,” Lilly said, “for always being there to support me and encouraging me to always try my best and to try new things. They’re always helping me become a better skier and always supporting me. And my friends have been by my side for so long and have been the absolute best group of people to hang out with or be there when I need them. I feel so grateful that I found such an amazing group of friends and I am going to miss them so much next year.” 

Lilly will always have her parents to guide her when she needs it and she has truly been lucky to have them by her side throughout her journey in high school. Both FHC and her everlasting support system have helped her grow in all aspects of life. Lilly has been taking on all challenges and learning how much hard work pays off because of being on the Ski team and watching the people in her life. 

“School has taught me how to balance putting in hard work,” Lilly said. “It has also allowed me to be able to take a break and have fun and enjoy high school. I have grown so much as a person since freshman year, and I am grateful for all the opportunities I got to experience.”

Coming to the end of senior year isn’t always easy, and Lilly will be taking away the life lessons and friendships this community has given her. The more she reflects back on it, Lilly wouldn’t change a thing. If anything, she would add more; she would find new ways to become even more involved in the community. 

“Don’t wish it away because it goes by so fast,” Lilly said. “Get involved in all the activities throughout the year. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and just enjoy your senior year and surround yourself with good friends.”