To those sticking around,


Jessie Warren

V and I, taken by Jessie with her disposable camera, on one of those extra special, extra fun TCT days.

Allie is the in-your-face pink—demanding your attention so that you just can’t ignore her. Possibly the most overtime growth I have seen has been from this beautiful, shining girl who is compassionate and funny and empathetic and emotional and bleeds these attributes into her writing each and every week without fail.

Thank you for giving me a little moment to shine early on this school year, Man. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your spunk and commitment to making that story the best first profile you’ve ever done.

Addy, always saying hi to me in the hallway—a little drop of sunshine. It’s a funny thing to help someone one minute then turn around the next and see them doing it all on their own. Kind-of makes me feel old, kind of makes me feel like a mom, but a very proud one at that; your growth in this class has translated into growth as a person and a speaker and a comedian, and that’s a really beautiful thing. Continue to apply all lessons learned as life lessons, and continue to make others around you feel included and wanted and a part of the conversation.

Lauren is the most off-the-bat talented and driven writers I’ve ever met. Her enthusiasm inspires me to reignite that sentiment within myself that I once held years ago starting this class; never letting that passion fade is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself moving forward as a person and a journalist.

Madi, for her constant spunk and creativity with both her writing and spoken words, an ocean of opportunity awaits you. You have everything I ever wanted when I was a sophomore, including confidence, effortlessness, and the ability to capture and hold peoples’ attention. Hold onto your passion for life, and keep laughing with your friends and continue to be known for your inclusivity of those around you—I want to be you when I grow up.

The girl with dinosaur converse, Miss Kiera, and her old facade in a Kate Spade purse. Continue to explore your past to continue to grow in the present; your desire to keep getting better and keep cleaning your room and trying new things and styles and situations are exciting and inspiring. P.S. I’m forever grateful for Goldfish Pretzels.

Sydney, my little editorial baby. I now crown you as the future editorialist for the staff. Keep being passionate about things people don’t know about; then go teach them, force them to care until there’s a lineup of bleeding hearts in the wake of The Central Trend

The Central Trend is more than just a newspaper to me too, Arpita. Continue to question things, question people, question the very floor under your feet, and then write about it over and over and over again until you’ve filled your page with a million little thoughts. Continue making your mark on The Central Trend, leave a legacy here and lead by example.

Katelynn, the girl with the cutest columns known to man, let alone the site. Seriously though, I am in love with your columns. You came on so strong as a writer upon joining the class, and it has only gotten better—you truly have a storytelling gift that gives stories like columns a leg up on others.

Constantly consistent and energetic Sofia, thank you for keeping the energy of the room up when I no longer could and encouraging all of us to reconnect and reconcile with our inner child.

Eva, thank you for welcoming all of us, including the readers, into your little world and laying the fragments of your mind out perfectly on paper. You are so consistent, so talented, and I swear you put a little piece of yourself in every story you write because you absolutely shine.

To the girl open to new writing experiences, Alex; keep exploring new techniques and styles and story types—I truly admire your range and your quality stories in every category that you attempt on a daily basis.

Honestly, truly, the most multitalented person I have ever met, Marrissa, keep being you always and forever. I love seeing your TikToks, really I love seeing you in general—you always brighten my day. Please, please, please keep having interesting stuff happen to you, for you always have the most interesting stories. And continue to inspire those around you, including me, by your unwavering passion for all of the things that you do.

Ellie, thank you for fully giving yourself over to writing, to being on top of things always. I don’t remember the last time you had a late story, honestly, I don’t even know if you’ve had a late story—definitely something I personally could work on. Continue cycling through ideas and putting them to paper, continue being prompt and organized. Thank you for showing all of us what it really means to be prepared.

Gigi, I am obsessed with your obscure editorial topics—they never fail to entice me. As someone who is personally very obsessed with true crime, your posting of an editorial on prosecuting psychopaths made me want to be your new best friend.

And to V, the hardest goodbye, but a firm see you soon. I cannot even begin to explain how much you mean to me—a best friend, a sister, a therapist, a life coach, a spiritual adviser, and the list goes on. When all else really fails, and all else really has failed sometimes, it’s you sitting there ready to listen—a listener. But more so, possibly one of the most honest, straightforward people I’d ever met. Thank you for showing me what true support looks like, even when you yourself haven’t always received it. I love you with all my heart, and it’s not for the things you do for me or for the site, it’s because of your soul. I can’t wait to watch you from the sidelines of this site, watch you do what I couldn’t, thrive in the way that I couldn’t, and receive the recognition for your hard work and the dedication that you fully deserve.

i love you, kels.

To those sticking around, it has truly been the most rewarding part of my time on staff to watch the growth that each and every one of you has experienced. Whether it be that you joined three years ago with me, or you are a more recent addition, you each hold a special place in my heart—along with this site and everything The Central Trend as a collective has provided for me over the years.

i love you,