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  • Improv at the Park tickets go on sale for seniors at 2:30 on 9/21
  • FHPS K-12 starts its hybrid schedule 8/31

The Central Trend

Kelsey Dantuma
Kelsey Dantuma is a junior entering her second year on staff for The Central Trend. She spends most of her time talking about her plans for the future, but otherwise, her favorite pastime is writing about her interests in hopes that they appease others. Kelsey loves the fall, but she changes her answer every-so-often if you ask her whether she likes Halloween or Christmas more.

Favorite part about being on staff: the wild notion that she might pursue journalism someday, and forever chasing the feeling of releasing pent-up emotion.

Hobbies/interests: spending time with friends, a brief toast phase that has to reappear at some point, snowboarding, and writing

Favorite item in room 139: without a doubt the coffee pot which, unfortunately, is on leave for the time being

Something she's always wanted to try: the Mamma Mia! lifestyle

Kelsey Dantuma, Managing Editor of Online Assignments

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