Dhar Mann’s YouTube channel has hit me with a sense of wit along with wisdom



Dhar Mann’s youtube channel logo.

Every day, when I come home from school, you can catch me doing one of two things: either watching YouTube or Netflix. I enjoy Netflix because there is always an array of shows to choose from but as someone who has the attention span of a TikTok video, it’s an understatement to say that I can get bored watching the same show; that’s when I switch over to YouTube. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of YouTube. I get to see what other people’s lives are like on a daily basis. One day, I was scrolling on TikTok and found an account that was reposting YouTube videos from an account by the name of “Dhar Mann.” 

Dhar Mann is a YouTuber with over ten million subscribers. He creates skits containing life lessons and posts about four videos every week ranging anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. His main channel, Dhar Mann, along with over ten other YouTube channels also translates his films into other languages and showcases some of the work that goes on behind the scenes. 

Although his videos have hit me with a sense of wisdom, there is a certain pattern that I’ve noticed with each one. The majority of his videos will have the same message, but occasionally, they have different actors and the length of his films will vary. 

In one of Dhar’s films, titled “Bad Daughter Yells At Mom, Good Daughter Teaches Her A Lesson,” a daughter and her mother decide to go out and have dinner together. When they arrive at the restaurant, the daughter criticizes her mother for not being able to seat herself, order her meal quickly, and drink water without spilling it. 

The majority of his videos will have the same message, but occasionally, they have different actors and the length of his films will vary.

A stranger sitting in the restaurant tells the daughter about her experience with her mother and how she also went to lunch with her mother and treated her the same way, only to find out that the only reason they went to dinner was that the mother wanted to tell the daughter that she had cancer. From that point forward, the daughter treats her mother with the utmost respect, in hopes that she will never have to go through what that stranger did. 

The same exact video is made but is titled “Bad Son Yells At His Mom, Good Son Teaches Him A Lesson,” where the exact same plot takes place, but this time, replacing the daughter with a son in the film. 

Aside from videos such as these that can often have a repetitive and recurring message, some of the other films that Dhar creates have also helped me view the world from a different perspective. One of his videos is titled “CEO Catches A Homeless Man Stealing Pizza, The Ending Will Shock You.” A homeless man orders a pizza and bumps into a CEO who yells at him for scuffing his suit. The CEO orders the “5 dollars for 5 slices” deal and waits for his food in one of the booths along with the homeless man. 

When the pizza arrives, the CEO and the homeless man share it, but when there is only one slice left, the homeless man takes it, leading the CEO to say, “You’re going to take the last slice of pizza?” The homeless man in awe responds, “Sounds like someone’s hungry,” and splits the pizza, leaving the CEO in disgust. 

This is when the waiter comes in with the second round of pizza, only to realize that the CEO had just eaten pizza that he didn’t pay for. When the CEO asked why he was willing to split the last piece, he responded, “I may not have much, but I’m always happy to share.” The CEO ends up sharing all of his pizza, and the video ends with a quote: “Don’t be so quick to assume.”

This film along with a select group of other videos that Dhar has made never fails to catch me by surprise because I never would have thought that the rich and arrogant CEO would show compassion for someone who he thought was just trying to get free food. 

From finding Dhar on TikTok to watching him on YouTube for two years now, if there’s anything that I’ve learned about his videos, it’s that the theme gets repeated in every video, and the films start to become cheesy. The YouTube channel is great for kids, but I think the films would be better quality if they had a unique message with a plotline that left the audience in surprise.