Summer 2022 hair trends


As summer weather has already started approaching and school is coming to an end, a variety of new and unique hair trends have started to emerge.

However, this being said, some hairstyles have become such a summer staple that make a comeback each year. My favorite hair trend that seems to return year after year is beach waves. This hairstyle is so popular in the summer because if done properly, it gives the effect that you’ve been at the beach all day, letting your natural hair thrive in the salty ocean water. Since I live in Michigan, there are other ways to achieve this look if the ocean is a tad out of reach. My favorite way is using the Bed Head Beach Waver. It’s very simple to use and the results last longer than my regular curls. Of course, if you don’t like to use heat on your hair, then there is always the option of sleeping in french braids overnight and in the morning and taking the braids out to reveal a very similar final product. Overall, I expect beach waves to stick around for this coming summer and many more after that. 

Another summer hairstyle that I anticipate will be big this summer is a simple high ponytail with a glamorous twist to spice it up. This year, we have seen many celebrities rock a similar look on the red carpet where they wear their hair fully down, having the front section of their hair parted down the middle and slicked back behind their ears. This ponytail will adopt that same technique, but instead of all the hair being down, it will gracefully be pulled back into a tight high pony. This look is not only stylish but also practical, as it will keep your hair out of your face for all those hot summer days. Although this look is versatile for all potential summer events, for an even more elevated look, once your hair is secured with a hair tie—preferably one that matches your hair color—you can then take a small section of the hair tie and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the hair tie, and look more professional. 

One trend that we have been seeing all year long is claw clips. They are simple, cute, and although okay for all seasons, they’re especially good for the summer months. Since they have become so popular, there are a ton of different colors, patterns, and styles to choose from,  there is definitely something that everyone will like. However, I specifically predict that colorful flower-shaped claw clips will be the most popular this summer. They are typically sold in packs of eight on Amazon and come in almost any color you can imagine. They cost about $20, and although I can not personally speak on the quality, the reviews seem to be primarily positive. One downside to this trend is that if you have thick or long hair, and many claw clips won’t be strong enough to last in the typical hairstyle, but don’t let that hold you back from using these adorable clips in half up half down form which can look equally cute. 

Another trend we tend to see a lot of in the summer is small braids. More specifically, two baby braids at the front of your face while the rest of your hair is down. This hairstyle is great because of how easy it is to achieve. As long as you have basic braiding skills and two small plastic hair ties, you should be all set. I have relatively long hair, and it, of course, looks great, but my favorite type of hair that I see this style on is a short bob. I think with how bouncy short hair tends to look specifically in pictures, this particular hairstyle appears to be almost light-hearted and a lot of fun on a shorter length. If you wanted to make this hairstyle a little more complicated, you could also replace the regular braids with bubble braids, which would add a whole new dimension to this style. If you’re sick of just simply wearing your hair down every day, then this is certainly a cute beginner-level hairstyle to upgrade your look. 

The last trend that I think will be popular this summer is hair tinsel. Hair tinsel is basically small strands of iridescent string that get tied into the root of your hair and gives a little extra sparkle. This trend is one I have personally participated in and for the most part, have loved it. The upsides of hair tinsel are that it’s a super unique way to change your hair that isn’t permanent. It looks good on everyone; you can wear it swimming and limited or low amounts of heat shouldn’t damage the tinsel at all. Some of the downsides are that if not properly taken care of, it will not last a very long time, and if you get it professionally put in, it costs around $50. The main tip to make it last is to not brush your hair from the root. Since that is where the string is tied, you risk your brush pulling it out. If you consistently brush just below the tie point and are slightly more gentle when shampooing your hair, it can last well over a month.