The popular haircuts of 2022 are emerging with elegance and professionalism


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The various haircuts of 2022 that are currently rising in popularity

Due to my curse of indecision, I haven’t gotten a haircut other than a trim in years. As the years pass by, I am left reminiscing on the different types of impactful statements such topical haircuts make. Although some eras of hair have left me hugging my locks, others have me reaching for the scissors. This year is definitely the latter; I am obsessed with the transformations so many are making when they get this year’s styles. 

To kick off this list with a bang, we have the shag. With messy bangs and feathery layers, the shag gives even the thinnest hair a voluminous look. While still cute and trendy, there is a grunge element to this style that makes it unique and eye-catching. It definitely stands out but isn’t wild enough to get judgmental stares. There aren’t enough people rocking this look, and this is a shame indeed because, with the right confidence, anyone can pull off this look. I perpetually swoon over this hair due to its originality and spunk; I would encourage just about anyone to select this hairstyle when seeking a new one.

I perpetually swoon over this hair due to its originality and spunk; I would encourage just about anyone to select this hairstyle when seeking a new one.

Another layered and lovely haircut that 2022 has brought as a flash from the past is the ’90s layers look. More volume is better for those who have traditionally fine hair, and this is a more traditional cut for those who don’t want such a drastic change. These layers pair seamlessly with curtain bangs, which complete the look perfectly. This is an ageless style that works with everyone due to its neutrality yet complexity that stems and monotony.

A shorter cut that I’m glad has made an appearance this year is the mid-length bob. I’m not really one for bobs—perhaps because of my disastrous personal experiences—but these look so incredibly fresh. Whether curly, wavy, or pin-straight, these bobs can instantly clean up any look. There is a lot of room for creativity with bobs as well, leaving styling up to each individual. If you’re looking for a style that will chop your washing time in half as well as your length, the mid-length bob is the best choice.

Bobs are chic and timely, but they aren’t an option for everyone. For those with 4C hair, there is an entirely different realm of styles. Many protective styles are still at the forefront of trends, keeping hair healthy and allowing for creativity to flow. Box braids are a prime example of popular and exciting protective styles. I always love how these look, and even though they do require proper care, this work pays off with the fun and young image they create.

Dreadlocks are another protective style that has arisen in 2022, and I couldn’t be happier. While these can look grubby and disorganized when not cared for, they are an incredible and freeing choice. These can be thrown up into a messy ponytail or left to hang naturally with an inexplicably serene aura. These can take years to grow out, so many opt for faux locks; regardless, they are one of my favorite styles that have made a return in 2022.

A final protective style that encapsulates beauty flawlessly is passion twists. These have been popular for years but never go out of style in my book. Passion twists give an excellent, professional look that retains a jubilant edge. When bright and passionate colors are woven into these twists, this gives the hair another dimension and an even more enthralling look.

The last cut that re-entered the trendy troupe for 2022 is the blowout look. While these are not unfamiliar to the past, they haven’t resurfaced for years. This look hasn’t aged a day, though; the thick and healthy sheen this gives the hair is runway-ready at any time. Layers are always a delight when styled in this way, but length isn’t something that should be of concern. It’s always incredibly entertaining to watch the process, in which the hair is brushed to the front before being flung back. This has an unexpected charm to it and will always leave me in awe.

Admittedly, there have been some rough years for hairstyles: the crimped creation from 2000, the mid-2000s for the scruffy and colorful scene trend, and 2010 for the tacky dip-dye and feathers. However, 2022 has pushed past these disasters and brought in elegant and mature looks that are both reintroductions of previous looks with modern twists and new styles to be loved for generations to come.