Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy exceeded my expectations of entertainment


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The poster for the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

A few years ago, I wrote down a list in my Notes app of all the shows I would, someday, like to watch. On that list was the Netflix original The Umbrella Academy.

I don’t remember what exactly prompted me to put that show on the list. I possibly could have seen good reviews online, or I could have come across a trailer for the show scrolling through Netflix. Either way, it had been on my radar for years.

I forgot I ever wrote down the list. During this past spring break, I rediscovered the names of the many shows I had written down, almost none of them I actually ended up watching. But my eyes were drawn back to The Umbrella Academy, and I thought then was as good a time as any to finally get started on the show.

Within the first episode, I immediately fell in love with the show. At that time, there were two seasons out, but the third was not too far behind. Its exact release date was June 22, 2022. I was on vacation, in a condo with absolutely no service, so I had to download the episodes onto my phone while I was out. My anticipation for the show was extremely high, and I could tell my family was tired of my enthusiasm for a show they thought was weird, most likely because the siblings have special powers, and their butler is a talking monkey named Pogo (Adam Godley).

Finally, I was able to relieve myself of agony and watch season three of The Umbrella Academy.

We left off with the Hargreeves family returning home to 2019 after being stuck in 1963—some siblings were there much longer than others. However, when they return, it seems as if the timeline was almost completely altered, and the Sparrow Academy has taken their place as Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ (Colm Feore) adopted children.

This nail-biting cliffhanger smoothly and eagerly transitioned us into season three. Since the Umbrella Academy was kicked out of their own home by the Sparrows, the siblings turned to Hotel Obsidian to house them instead. As the family begins to notice random, unexplainable disappearances around the globe, they begin to put the pieces together and realize they could possibly be at fault.

This season follows the Hargreeves as they try to save the fate of the universe once again. What I enjoyed about the plot of this season was that it didn’t fall under the exact same conflict as the past two seasons where Vanya (Elliot Page) was the cause of the end of the world. Sure, the world is at stake again, but in a much different sense.

This nail-biting cliffhanger smoothly and eagerly transitioned us into season three.”

It was also amazing to see Vanya’s transition to Viktor in the show. Page, who is also transgender, explained in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter that Viktor’s transition truly resonated with him, since he has experienced first-hand awkwardness in one of the scenes with Viktor and some of his brothers when he had yet to come out to one of them. I feel the incorporation of Viktor’s transition and the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the show is something that can also resonate with many viewers, and I am very happy it was a part of the plot.

When I first started watching The Umbrella Academy, my two favorite characters immediately were Klaus (Robert Sheehan) and Number Five (Aidan Gallagher). The two were both admirable characters, due to their eccentric personalities and comedic relief. I was very excited when I was able to see more of the two of them interacting with one another in season three. Watching their goofy relationship grow as brothers was extremely entertaining.

Two other characters that grew on me during this season were Diego (David Castañeda) and Lila (Ritu Ayra). Their complicated relationship began in 1963, the time period that they both traveled to. Meeting someone in a mental facility almost never leads to a stable relationship, and those are definitely not the correct words to describe what they had. It was exciting to continue watching them throughout season three as their relationship grew. 

The music in the first two seasons was incredible. I was not even a little surprised when they continued to keep me indulged in the show with their soundtrack for season three. The music adds to the upbeat ambiance that constantly is radiating off the characters, even during the impending end of the universe.

I also truly enjoyed the visuals. Nothing really looked like it was CGI or animated, which is impressive since one of the Sparrow Academy Hargreeves, Christopher, is a literal floating cube. There was one time when Marcus (Justin Cornwell) was doing a flip, and it was so violently edited that I felt second-hand embarrassment. Besides that one encounter, the visuals were phenomenal.

After impatiently waiting for season three of The Umbrella Academy to be released, my expectations were very high. The new season surpassed my expectations by a landslide. Now, I simply have to wait for the fourth—and final—season to air to relieve my questions and anticipation.