Winter style varies among FHC’s most fashionable


The alleged UGG boat. Immediate do or don’t?

While this fall has lasted longer than Michiganders may have been expecting, it is inevitable the season steps down soon and winter replaces it; with this, it brings an entirely new line of fashion.

For those who spend their days cooped up within the halls of FHC, this seasonal change calls for a multitude of new looks and styles. In these opportunities for ever-changing appearances, the seasons offer senior Veronica Vincent a chance to reinvent herself as she changes with the weather. 

“It’s just so important to be yourself and express how you’re feeling through each change in your life,” Veronica said. “I feel like everybody associates change with seasons. So, being able to show that is a really beautiful thing.”

Now, while the seasons change and tank tops and shorts become unreasonable, many pieces migrate from season to season if styled correctly. In keeping to a chic and timeless look, this can be achieved rather simply.  

With this impending winter, it is inevitable that we see the appearance of microtrends pop up as we traverse the cold. Nonetheless, junior Elsa Kehoe has set herself up to avoid succumbing to such attractions in an effort to adhere to her more elegant identity.

“I like to go for a more chic fashion sense,” Elsa said, “[I] like timeless pieces that I can wear throughout the year and style in different ways. I just avoid looking tacky as much as I can.”

Adding to this, junior Mahta Poostizadeh quickly contributed her thoughts on the matter.

“I also like staple pieces because you can make more outfits with them,” Mahta said. “I hate those micro trends. I don’t like those because you can’t do a lot with them. I love the linen look. More monochromes. I love a really old money look.”

I love the linen look. More monochromes. I love a really old money look.”

For these two girls, they comply with a look much more prevalent on the East Coast.

Linens, layering, and slacks are similar to something off of the streets of New York.

“[My style fits more into the] Blair Waldorf East Coast look,” Mahta said, “but I’m not gonna pull up like that to school.”

The early wake-up call and lack of incentive seem to hinder the utilization of fashion at FHC. Regardless, color is a simple way to incorporate what’s in and modern fashion into an everyday look.

Color is of prevailing importance. To adhere to the natural backdrop of a Michigan winter, and the feelings associated with the chilled air, colors seem to be one of the greatest shifts fashion endures in the changing seasons. 

While rules like no white after Labor Day do exist, Elsa doesn’t believe there is much necessity to abiding by such a role, and all of the girls seem to agree that lots of neutrals will be in style this winter, and monochromes in any of these—especially beige—are most definitely in. 

“Right now, green’s really big,” Elsa said. “We’re going to come into that deeper, almost more cool-toned green. I’ve been seeing a lot of—it’s not even olive anymore—it’s more of a wintry color. It’s big. It’s pretty; I like it a lot. And then creams. Those are very big for monochromes.”

To add to this list, Veronica has a few more examples.

“Brown is going to be such a big one,” Veronica said. “I absolutely love brown; I try to incorporate brown in every single one of my outfits. But, I think personally that I’ll try to incorporate more with the season, like the blues, the grays, [and] the blacks.”

Winter’s color schemes and perceived style appear not only in going-out attire but also carry into loungewear. 

FHC can expect to see lots of wide-leg sweats replacing those that cinch at the ankle, and monochrome won’t be lost in this sector of style. 

Material-wise, knit and polyester sets are emerging into the forefront of fashion, but there seems to be some controversy over the shoes paired with outfits like these.

“I think that UGGs need to leave,” Veronica said. “Everyone is wearing the UGGs—I have a pair—I just think we need to be stepping up the game for wintertime. I think UGGs totally need to be out. I know they’re not going to, but they need to.”

While Veronica is passionate about the demise of the infamous UGG boot, Elsa and Mahta share a differing view. 

“UGGs are making a comeback,” Elsa said. “I just bought another pair. I think they’re just a vibe sometimes.”

To expect all of FHC to agree on what true fashion will appear as this winter would be a fruitless attempt; even three students had differing opinions. 

Debates such as these fuel style and originality, and this winter, there will be no gap in this department. While no cohesive conclusion was found, a basic forecast has been made for this winter, and FHC should be eager to see which will come true.

“Sometimes, I just feel like winter depression is so real,” Veronica said. “Oh my god, it’s awful. And so, sometimes. my fashion is just how I express myself. So, if I’m just feeling down or just under the weather like everything else, [I am still] able to express through just what I’m wearing.”