Margaret English appreciates all of the friendships that lacrosse has brought her


Senior Margaret English has played lacrosse since second grade.

Senior Margaret English has found that snakes, camping, and lacrosse should not mix.

“This summer, we did a team camp and got to stay [in] cabins for three days,” Margaret said. “[We found] three snakes in our cabins, so that was a good one. We definitely were bonding.”

Margaret has been playing lacrosse since second grade when her older brother inspired her to play. She has found a lifelong passion for the sport by following her brother’s example.

Playing lacrosse while in high school is one thing, but Margaret adores it so much that she is committed to playing lacrosse for Central Michigan University while in college.

“My life is basically based around lacrosse,” Margaret said, “and it’s something that I couldn’t see my life without. So being able to play another four years was something I didn’t want to pass up. [I decided to go to Central Michigan because of] the team environment. But also, [it is] a competitive D1 program that’s growing. Ideally, [I want] to go and make about thirty new, close best friends, and then eventually, hopefully, get some playing time and be with lacrosse for the next four years.”

College alone is a huge, time-consuming responsibility; it is clear that Margaret genuinely wants to continue playing and growing as a player as lacrosse will be another large commitment.

However, that’s next year; as of right now, Margaret is still in high school, and her team over the past four years has been superb. From the talent of the players to the team attitude, there are practically no faults.

“[The environment] has been really positive,” Margaret said. “We all really support each other. We’ve been a really small team the past four years, so we’ve been able to all bond with each other. [Our team does] team dinners, and then we [also] do team sisters. Before every game, we have one big team dinner with everyone. And, we try to pair a varsity girl with a JV girl and do team sisters, so before each game, you get them a Gatorade or something; it’s so we bond more.”

But, lacrosse is my escape and where I go when I need to get away from stuff, so that’s where it’s been very positive for me and my mental health.

— Margaret English

A united team in spirit is just as important as the actual technique that the team utilizes and possesses. Margaret and her team have spent a lot of time together, and are now connected more than just teammates. Lacrosse, just like any other sport, brings people together, and Margaret appreciates all of the friendships that she has come across as a result of playing it

“[My favorite parts about lacrosse are] the friendships I’ve made and the places that I’ve been able to travel,” Margaret said. “For school lacrosse, we have a couple of girls who live on the river. So going there after big games—when we win especially—and just being together with them [is another part I love].”

Margaret and her team have always had fun together. Perhaps team dinners started as a team bonding strategy, but it is clear that it has developed into something more for Margaret. Now, it is about spending time with some of her favorite people. 

Altogether, lacrosse is more than a sport to Margaret. For her, it is about the friendships that she has gained and the escape that she feels while playing.

“Overall, my experience has been very positive but also very stressful,” Margaret said. “Part of it is holding myself to a standard and not wanting to disappoint people. But, lacrosse is my escape and where I go when I need to get away from stuff, so that’s where it’s been very positive for me and my mental health.”