Perfect blue


Walking home at two in the morning.

My dirty Nikes complemented the golden bricks as sunflowers grasped the streetlight’s glare. Your laugh illuminated the air like a kid staring at a plane in the sky.

Stretching white streaks.

Almost as if I was watching it all happen in front of me, watching the clouds get split in two, sunflowers filling my eyes.

You’re the only face in the crowd that I know.

You’re the only face in the crowd that I know.

Kids playing past their curfew. The hot air contradicts the sundown of late July. My heart acts as a matador between the horns of few. I walk 3,000 miles between eyes of excitement and confusion. In the moonlight, you take your tears out.

I should really tie my shoes.

Starlights fill your face as I tell you things I swore to myself I would keep secret. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve passed with them. My tempo pounds in my ears, I couldn’t even hear what you were saying, but it didn’t even matter.

I get flashes of home now and then, even though things change. My mind gets swept up in a tornado of saccharine memories. Unhappiness is treason.

An agenda of wonderings sprint through my mind. 

Shut-outs of an archaic feeling leave me out in the open. Your gaze of ever-lasting and lingering hope keeps me safe in the hands of love.

Telling you about my past week, it felt like a flying saucer landing. I would’ve stitched my hand to yours in an instant. 

The curb opens up to black and yellow streams, looking both ways before we cross. I stepped on a few cracks, and so did you, our feet intertwined by shadows. 

Power lines loom over us. 

A familiar sense washes over us, treading lightly on my feet, disconnected from an entirely different reality. It was only a shadow, but it looks like you.

Your gaze reminisces the speed in my brain running nowhere fast. My lungs fill themselves with a delusionary sight. Lights fading from the sun turning clouds blue. My heart will forever stay in my throat for as long as I remain this way.

I pretend to be a cowboy.

Sitting in a two-seater of desires, I wonder what it all means. My brain screams for some kind of decision, but my hands remain stuck to my sides, never to move. I snip the thread containing my deluge of uncertainty. Bad butterflies flutter in my stomach.

The sunflowers reflect in your eyes, wishing you all the best. The world is burning underneath your fingertips. We dance around in a crystalized cadence.

I come up for air. Sunflowers split ways leaving a door for me to enter through. The clouds above me form a perfect blue.