Sarah Dunn has found friendship within the sport she loves most


Sarah Dunn (holding trophy, bottom row middle) and the FHC Varsity Volleyball team winning the state championship.

Senior Sarah Dunn found one of the defining parts of her high school career through two of the most important people in her life.

“My best friend [senior Averie Zaschak] played volleyball, so she got me into [the idea of playing],” Sarah said. “My mom played in college at John Carroll [University], so she always wanted me to play. Then, when my friend started playing, I started playing the following year.” 

Sarah joined the club team Aim High in sixth grade, spending a year there. Following that year, she joined a larger program in seventh grade at Michigan Volleyball Academy. She enjoyed playing for these two clubs, but beginning the eighth grade, she realized that nothing compared to the program she would join later on. 

Some of the closest friendships that Sarah has made reside 30 minutes away in a court she has known for five years. Attending club volleyball team FarOut Volleyball, Sarah has had nothing but great things to say about the club. 

“I like [FarOut] much better,” Sarah said. “The atmosphere and environment there [is one that] I prefer way more than the other two clubs I was at. It’s a lot harder, but it’s good.” 

The community and friendships that Sarah has made are what she liked most about FarOut. Volleyball is an extremely team-reliant sport; the focus isn’t all on one person. Each position contributes to each play a significant amount. 

The amount of trust that builds within your team as the season progresses is truly powerful.

— Sarah Dunn

Each play moves extremely fast, which requires quick thinking and communication. It is important for each team member to make sure they use their voice; this allows their peers to bounce ideas off of each other, hopefully creating a successful performance.

Sarah mainly plays outside hitter and back row, but she does sub in for her teammates from time to time. 

“I have played every possible position you can play filling in for people if they’re gone at a tournament,” Sarah said. “But, I have mainly played outside and back row. I enjoy it.” 

Because FarOut is located far from Ada, it’s tough to have such a good relationship with people while seeing them so little. However, Sarah is proud to say she has made extremely strong bonds with her teammates through volleyball—bonds that move past the court. 

“Honestly,” Sarah said, “I can say one of my best friends has been on my club team since eighth grade. Four of them, actually. They are genuinely some of the best people I have ever met and such good friends.” 

Volleyball isn’t just a way to build up your skills in the sport. Sarah believes that everyone, even players that may not be as competent as others, can bring something beneficial to the team. 

Participation in an extracurricular activity is important to Sarah, and she feels that it is good for everyone to join something within FHC. She invites everyone to look into joining a volleyball team, even if they don’t have any background in the sport. 

“I would 100% encourage more people to begin playing volleyball,” Sarah said. “Even if you’re not the most skilled player, there are still different aspects you can bring to the team, like communication. And honestly, just the team aspect and being surrounded by people who want to do the same thing as you will help you build those connections and friendships. The amount of trust that builds within your team as the season progresses is truly powerful.”