Internet figure Andrew Tate has been arrested after years of accusations

Andrew Tate posing next to one of his quotes preaching masculinity.

Andrew Tate on Twitter

Andrew Tate posing next to one of his quotes preaching masculinity.

A 19-year-old climate activist slammed a 36-year-old kickboxer on Twitter for gloating over his car emissions—verbally, of course. Only one of these two have been detained by Romanian authorities, and it wasn’t Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg.

While both figures are somewhat controversial, there has been much discourse around social media influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate. Tate has stirred up a whirlwind of clashing opinions during his time on the internet, especially on Twitter, which is one of the few platforms that he has been unbanned from.

By some, Tate is known somewhat as a big brother figure, encouraging boys to elevate themselves and overcome their struggles through sheer willpower and strength. To others, Tate is notorious for his misogynistic and homophobic philosophies, denial of real mental health struggles, and alleged abusive acts.

Regardless of what his point is, the self-proclaimed “alpha male” has garnered widespread hate due to his aggressive teachings. On the whole, Tate tends to lean towards the infamous side, but he most certainly has avid supporters. Many of his religious followers, from tween boys to full-grown men, have been defending each of his actions with their lives—that is, their online lives that seem to be nearly as precious.

Recently, though, it seems that what little remains of Tate’s good reputation is dwindling as the “possibly” or “claimed to be” is erased from each of the accusations against him. Although he already took a blow when he was kicked from the TV show Big Brother, due to being investigated for rape back in 2016, the most recent developments have him plunging into a sea of contempt.

Prior to retiring in 2020, Tate moved to Romania in 2017; things only went downhill from there. For starters, Tate moved to Romania for the worst of reasons: the sexual assault laws are far less restrictive and police were less likely to investigate him. He confirmed this in a YouTube video that has since been deleted. His reasoning stretched also to the fact that he was raised in the Romanian Orthodox Church, but according to Tate, 40% of the reason why he left the United Kingdom pertained to the difference in legislation.

Despite the fact that he believed he was escaping any detention from officials by moving, his supposed actions caught up to him on Dec. 29, 2022. Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, along with two others, were arrested on charges of human trafficking and rape after being investigated since April of the same year.

Predictably, the internet went wild when the news was released and the Tate brothers’ lawyer confirmed that the two were detained in Romania.

Predictably, the internet went wild when the news was released and the Tate brothers’ lawyer confirmed that the two were detained in Romania.”

Like any other case, rumors regarding how Tate was confirmed to be in Romania bounced around, but the most popular theory was that when Tate posted a response to Thunberg that happened to have a pizza box on display, the pizza brand featured was only available in Romania. However, this proved to be false since the investigation had been ongoing prior to the appearance of the pizza box.

Even so, falsities regarding Tate’s arrest itself are rampant as well. Many of his supporters are claiming that he has been released because he was proven innocent, but this is not so. Tate will remain in pre-trial jail for 30 days.

While some cheered and others booed when the news of Tate’s arrest hit the streets, it is undoubtedly true that Tate was indeed detained and was not released. And, as funny as it may seem, he was not caught because of a pizza box. The rumors may be untrue, but at the minimum, Thunberg is still hailed as a hilarious and brave figure for her shutting down Tate’s Twitter behavior. To her pleasure, Tate is now far from his emission-producing cars.