Sydney Kok is inspired by the fashion trends she sees other possess


Junior Sydney Kok in an aesthetically pleasing room

Junior Sydney Kok has always been captivated by the wonderful world of Pinterest.

Like many other girls, Sydney enjoys testing out different aesthetics she sees on social media, and overall just looking put together at all times. Whether it’s using her favorite skincare brand or putting on a cute outfit, Sydney likes to start her days off on the right foot.

“Every day, no matter if I only got three hours of sleep last night,” Sydney said, “I’m going to get up with enough time to do my makeup, put on [the] outfit that I put out the night before, and do my morning routine. I think it’s really important to have that time to get ready [and set myself] up for the day.”

Having the time in the morning to get up and put effort into her appearance makes Sydney feel better about the day she’s about to endure. Taking inspiration from trending styles, she creates an overall aesthetic of her own.

Through the magic of many Pinterest boards, Sydney finds her style within the mix of many she constantly sees.

“Honestly, I don’t think [my style] is very unique,” Sydney said, “but I think it’s still cute. It’s popular for a reason, [and] everyone likes it for a reason. When I have a good outfit on, I feel put together; it just makes me feel more confident. So then, I go into my day just psyched up [and] ready to go.”

“When I have a good outfit on I feel put together just makes me feel more confident.”

— Sydney Kok

Although she may not see her style as unique, the dedication and effort put in to feel good each day makes it a style of her own.
Though Sydney has created her own combinations of styles that make up what she wears on a day-to-day basis, she still has many Pinterest boards separated for different styles and passions she finds intriguing.

“I have different boards for pop culture things,” Sydney said. “If there’s a celebrity that I like at the time, I’ll make a Pinterest board or [for] a show [I like]. I have different outfit boards, different aesthetics for outfits, or just general aesthetics; there’s the clean girl aesthetic, or there’s the French aesthetic.”

Through the many aesthetics she has discovered and experimented with, Sydney seems to lean more toward one: simple and trendy. Her casual browsing on Pinterest helps her formulate outfits and keep an eye out for staple pieces when she goes shopping.

Although the style may seem like just clothes, there are many pieces to achieving a put-together look every day, and some of those add-ons include makeup and skincare.

“I usually go for the very basic Pinterest girl style,” Sydney said, “like baggy jeans and a cropped sweater or something. I like to go shopping, [and]I really like skincare and makeup. [I love] Glossier; I’m really obsessed with [it], and it’s my favorite thing ever. I like the overall aesthetic of it—honestly, it just looks so cute.”

Through Sydney’s dedication to looking put together and cute every day, she has found a passion and appreciation for all the different styles and aesthetics she sees others choose to express.

Between mixing aesthetics and the overall positive mindset Sydney possesses, she has created the perfect balance to sustain the lifestyle she desires.

“I really like collaging [aethestics] together,” Sydney said, “even if it’s not what I would personally wear, I have some grunge Pinterest boards, but that’s not what I’m gonna wear, I just think it’s really cool. People I see walking around [inspire my style]. If I see someone wearing a really cute outfit, I’m going to keep an eye out for something like that when I go shopping next.”