TV shows have continually become a source of contentment for me



One of many shows I’ve watched within my life to sit back and relax.

I know that I’m not a robot, but sometimes I feel like one because of the facial expressions that I make. Usually, when I’m upset, the first feature to convey that to you is my face, and I can’t seem to understand why. 

Body language is a construct that I am still trying to comprehend. It’s almost as if your body has been given two forms of communication and you have chosen the one that elicits no sound; it’s interesting. 

Although this type of communication can be veritable from person to person, it is still fundamental to acknowledge. It’s important for me to understand because I can get an idea of a person’s state without them even having to say anything. 

Because no two people are the same, body language can also vary in correspondence to the situations being dealt with. Allow me to paint a picture in your mind; I think you’ve been in this storyline before. 

You’re taking a test but once that paper brushes your desk, you’re off like a plane soaring into the air. You look around and see the following: pencils tapping, stomping feet, and the time ticking. You start to panic and fidget with your fingers, squirm in your chair, and finish your test to the best of your abilities. 

Allow me to paint a picture in your mind; I think you’ve been in this storyline before. 

What scenario did I just describe? Test anxiety. 

All of the mechanisms listed above are all examples of mechanisms that I sometimes utilize in situations when they get pressurizing. But these aren’t the only coping mechanisms I use. The second a test is turned in it’s the equivalent of shutting a cabinet door for me. Once It’s done I’ve stopped thinking about it and my mind goes to a place I like to call, “Happy Land.”

“Happy Land’s” requirements include but are not limited to: celebrating the small wins, allowing my mind to rest, and watching my favorite TV shows, sometimes more than once. TV is more than just shows for me; each one is a realm that I get to visit, similar to traveling the world but from the comfort of technology.

Despite the fact that TV shows were made as a source of comedy, I use them for both entertainment as well as knowledge. No matter how old the show is, if I watch it enough times, it’s bound to teach me some sort of lesson. 

When I think about my childhood, not only do the memories of the songs and words come flooding back, but also the TV shows; one being Disney Channel. Good Luck Charlie was always a show that seemed to cheer me up.

I never really had a favorite character because each episode was always filled with some sort of lesson that had to be learned. But I could relate to certain characters more because it became more natural for me to see things from their perspective, almost as if I was playing their part in the show. 

Nearly every show that I’ve ever encountered has taught me some sort of lesson, whether I enjoyed it or not, even though Good Luck Charlie is just one example, every show has vicariously allowed me to be a part of it as an “extra.”