Snowdays force high school exam schedule changes


FHC students were granted two snow days this week after some inclement weather. With midterm exams lurking in the near future, the two days off have caused a shift in the predetermined exam schedule.

The updated schedule includes all exams being pushed back a day, with the half-day on the 18th being used for additional review. This change applies to all three high school schools in the FHPS district. 

“A lot of teachers had project-types of things, or had content they were covering to wrap up the semester, kind of bringing things to a close,” said principal Steve Passinault. “[Pushing exams back] would give them at least one more half-day to do some of those things. It would also give students another day and the evening at home to get those last projects or whatever done.”

This delay of exams also gives students more preparation time for their tests. By providing the extra weekend and half-day for review, the goal is to alleviate some of the students’ stress that comes with midterm exams.

The first class period of second semester classes will take place Monday afternoon. On the 23rd, students can expect to take 5th and 6th hour exams in the morning and then spend the afternoon in shortened classes according to their second semester schedule.

Some students are opposed to the change in schedule, simply hoping to get exams “over with.” However, Passinault encourages students to take look at it from a different perspective.

“I understand that some people may want to get the exams over with, but if [students] look at the positive side of having more time to prepare for an exam, and the opportunity to perform better on that exam, that should be a positive,” Passinault said.