Bernice Sam has found the little joys in life through discovering her passion for dermatology

Senior Bernice Sam who is set on majoring in Pre-med at Calvin College.

Bernice Sam

Senior Bernice Sam who is set on majoring in Pre-med at Calvin College.

Ever since senior Bernice Sam was a little girl, she has always had this everlasting dream of becoming some sort of doctor, but it wasn’t until high school that her passion for becoming one really started to come to fruition. 

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, [but] I chose to go into dermatology when I took Human Anatomy junior year [because] I realized [that] I liked studying skin cells,” Bernice said. 

Prior to taking the course, Bernice knew that she wanted to go into skincare, but after her interest in taking the class, she was confident that she was going to major in biology to eventually enter the pre-medical path. 

Although Bernice hasn’t decided on exactly where her journey will take place, she has had a very positive experience with the college application process. 

“I applied to every college in Michigan, and I heard back from every [college] I applied for,” Bernice said. “I got accepted into everything.”

Even so, notwithstanding the fact that dermatology is all about skincare, this isn’t the only reason that Bernice wants to go into this realm of studies. For the past four years, Bernice has been able to devote her time at the place she worships and spend time with children. 

“I volunteer at my church [and] look after small kids and teach Sunday school,” Bernice said. 

Aside from volunteering, for the past three years, Bernice has also been a part of FHC’s yearbook committee and enjoys what she does with the class. Being able to walk around school, getting quotes, and improving her interviewing skills has not only allowed Bernice to do what she likes but also just learn more about the school from a holistic approach. 

“I love talking to new people and learning more about them [because] taking photos, designing pages, [and] everything [else is] so fun,” Bernice said. 

Even so, although being a part of a yearbook has no direct correlation, Bernice took this class as a way to expand her horizons of opportunities that she knew high school would offer. 

“I don’t even know why I chose yearbook,” Bernice said. “I just did it because it sounded fun.”

Alongside being able to meet new people and learn more about their lives throughout their involvement in high school, Bernice has not only been able to tap more into the creative side of her mind, but also be able to create even more memories with the pictures that she makes.

“Going to Lansing for a meeting and shopping after [was nice],” Bernice said.

“I’ll miss the people [and] all the underclassmen I’m friends with.

— Bernice Sam

But if she had to choose her second favorite class, it would have to be the history classes she has gotten to take this year. Last semester, Bernice got the chance to take History V. Hollywood and is currently taking a class focused on human society. 

“Sociology [would be] a close second [to yearbook],” Bernice said. “It’s super fun with Mr. Carhart [because] he’s one of the most chill teachers I’ve [ever] had.”

Despite all the time-consuming activities Bernice engages herself in, the hustle and bustle that comes with senior year never stops. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time to care for her pets and even embarks on fun excursions with her little sister. 

“I have a couple of fish and a hamster named Cheese, [and] I have [a] little sister [whom] I love taking night drives with,” Bernice said.

But because everyone’s experience with senior year is different, their reflections on it can also vary. Bernice’s experience with it has been interesting. Even though her high school career is coming to an end, she has bittersweet feelings just thinking about it. She’s excited about what college might entail for her but will always cherish the community and memories that she has created here at FHC. 

“[Some] of my favorite memories [are] senior sunrise [and] my [last] homecoming because it was special,” Bernice said. “I’ll miss the people [and] all the underclassmen I’m friends with. I’ll miss my encounters with [these] two random juniors, [and] I’ll miss playing chess with Heather in AP Computer [Science]. Even though I’m ready to leave this place, honestly, I’ll miss it.”

But if Bernice had one phrase to encapsulate her experience with senior year, it would be this:

“[Senior year is] pleasant,” Bernice said. “[It’s the] ending of a good chapter and the beginning of another, so don’t take anything for granted, [and] take [manageable] classes.”