Out with the old, in with the new


Arpita Das

Some of the many senior tiles that have been been painted in room 139.

I never thought that I would be here writing this, but the time has now come when the school parts with the seniors and prepares itself to welcome the freshman; in with the new, out with the old. 

Before I joined The Central Trend, I never understood the true meaning of family, but now that I have had the joy and pleasure of being able to write these past two years on the site, I can officially say that I not only comprehend the meaning of the word but also have found an unbreakable bond with this class.

It pains me to say that so many of my upperclassmen friends will now be alumni of this school, but it’s time that they start soaring and let their wings fly. 

With that being said, I believe every senior in this class deserves an attribution. 

It will be weird not being able to see them in school every day in sixth hour, but I now know that whenever I need them, they are just one phone call away. 

With that being said, I believe every senior in this class deserves an attribution. 

Lauren, I still remember the first time I met you. We were sitting at the front of the classroom at the gray tables and black spinny chairs, doing our first presentation on the significance of journalism, and I was asking you for ideas. Within minutes, you realized my weakness; I said sorry way too much, and you still love me. You have not only made me a better person, but also a better writer, and for that, I will eternally be grateful. I know that you’re going to do such amazing things at the University of Michigan. 

Oh Katelynn, what isn’t there to say about you? I could write on and on about what an amazing person you are, but because I don’t have all the time in the world to do that, I will leave you with this. You’re an awe-inspiring person, and I hope that part of you never changes. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through the second semester of sophomore year without you, and it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to spend my senior year with you. Even though you’re leaving, I want to thank you for always being there for me; for being so kind and patient with me and for picking up the pieces of a soul that you didn’t even break. You have such a gift with people, and you always make time for people and have such amazing style and I’m so excited to see what SCAD has in store for you because they just received an amazing person. I’ll miss you so much, but I know that we will reunite again and continue our coffee study sessions. 

Annie, I don’t know if you remember this, but before you joined The Central Trend, I actually interviewed you for a story on the M-Step. Unfortunately, that story never got published, but it was a surprise to me when I found out you were going to be The Central Trend photographer. You’re such an amazing photographer, and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into taking and publishing the photos, as well as attending all the school events to make it possible. I’m going to miss you so much. 

Erika, to be completely frank with you, I don’t know you that well and I’ve never had a one-on-one conversation with you, but for some reason I see you being a model sometimes. Somewhere within the near future. Your nails always look amazing and you have stellar style.

Allie, you remind me of the 2023 version of Sharpay from High School Musical, and the first color that comes to mind when I think of you is pink. You’re always so put together and have been an amazing Editor in Chief. Despite how stressful being one can be, you always remain cool and that’s one of the reasons why I appreciate you so much. I’m going to miss you leading the meetings every day during the sixth hour, but I know that you’re going to do so many amazing things at MSU. Congratulations on continuing your journey in journalism; you’re going to go to so many places. 

Payton, I knew who you were before we met in person. You would pop up on my for you page on Tiktok and I recognized you as simply the girl who went to my school. I didn’t know who you were except for the fact that you absolutely adored Taylor Swift. When you joined The Central Trend this year it was almost like my Tiktok had come to life; you were a real person that was now within my vicinity. You’re such a cheery person, and I’m going to miss seeing you sit in the yellow chair every day. 

Ellie, I still remember when I was in Writing for Publication, I had to do a profile on you and was so nervous but you were such an amazing interviewee. You’re such a kind person and never judge me whenever you see me crying because you understand that pain so well. I’m going to miss you so much, but I know that you’re going to do so many cool things in college and be an even better school teacher. 

Even though these may be my last departing words to these seniors who are about to start the next chapter of their lives, one thing’s for sure: FHC has caught itself in a periodic loop—out with the old, in with the new.