Tucker Carlson’s removal from Fox News hasn’t destroyed his controversial platform



Tucker Carlson continues on to Twitter to spread his ideas.

Tucker Carlson is among the most popular, controversial, and entertaining political talk show hosts–not just of the right-wing–but of all media outlets.

He also just lost his main platform.

On April 21, Carlson was fired from his job at Fox News, leading to devastated fans and celebrating opponents. Carlson’s abrupt termination from his position seemed to be out of the blue, but instead, the origins of the concerns surrounding him were lying in the red.

Accusations towards Carlson were numerous, ranging from out-of-control racism and misogyny to blatantly calling coworkers and others in the industry vulgar terms. However, the largest issue concerning Carlson was his compulsive lying and perpetuation of conspiracy theories that had the potential to jeopardize the safety and democracy of the U.S. Although many reporters and members of Fox News don’t support certain radical claims, they often allow these issues to go unchecked so as not to alienate any viewers, no matter how extremist they may be.

However, as many viewers know, Fox News is no stranger to being under fire and has adjusted to its circumstances by taking any attention it can get; Carlson’s behavior brought more controversy and therefore more viewership to Fox News.

Despite this, Carlson himself was most likely not the entire catalyst for Fox letting him go.

Carlson himself was most likely not the entire catalyst for Fox letting him go.

Shortly before Carlson fell into the spotlight, Fox News as a whole was facing a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems due to lies being spread about faulty machinery and voter fraud during the 2020 election. In order to avoid facing such a destructive trial to both revenue and reputation, Fox opted to pay a settlement of $787 million to Dominion instead.

While many believe that the final nail in the coffin for Carlson was related to vulgar language directed at attorney Sidney Powell, that was only a small factor in what added up to the release of Carlson from Fox. After the investigation into Fox News following the lawsuit from Dominion, more was uncovered about Carlson. More misogyny, racism, and false claims about election fraud were found in Carlson’s history, along with aggressive criticism of leadership.

In spite of the fact that there are many theories regarding why exactly Carlson was kicked off of Fox, neither Carlson nor the public was given any specific information regarding what happened except for the implications that it had something to do with Carlson’s involvement in the conflict with Dominion.

Fortunately for his fans, though, Carlson won’t be leaving the public eye any time soon. After being taken off the air by Fox, Carlson made an announcement that received cheers from his supporters: his show on Twitter would be returning with the support of Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Even though many are pleased with Carlson leaving such a large stage, those who closely follow Carlson made the transition with him—Fox News ratings plummeted after Carlson was fired. Carlson has made a spotlight for himself, for better or for worse, and it continues to shine on his every move.