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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Mikayla Bush


Mr. Ivory For being one of the few teachers,

One who has truly understood what it means to be a student in this day and age. Your heart is big, and your classroom never ceases to encapsulate an environment of open arms and discussions. I start my day with you, and I would never want any other choir teacher than you. You have taught me to push on despite past and present odds, and that my voice can ascend that of those around me without a worry of messing up. You stand in front of a class that will follow you to the end, and I won’t hesitate to do the same. 

Mrs. Post for being a pillar of fortitude, 

For being one of my lights in the darkest year I have had here. You were so patient with me when even opening my computer screen felt like the end. When it came to my productivity in class, you could not care less about what grades I was getting but was calming and soothing. You told me to keep going, giving the class my best even if it wasn’t as good as others. To me, you made a class I was doomed to fail, lift me back up to my next step. I can keep going, know that there are people like you out there waiting to do the same.

Mr. George for being the most opportunistic voice

To be the one who wants me to do more. You push me to my limits, making my writing even better with each article that gets posted. Your ideas spark inspiration, and your lessons teach like colleagues rather than teachers, and that smile makes me want to throw a door down and get stuff done. You strive for such greatness and impossibility, that it makes your students break in awe of what you speak about. You are not afraid of full dedication, or being loud, you just keep going. I may not always say it, but I truly do admire the sheer scope of what you have accomplished. 

To Iman Hammad for being an astonishingly new flower in my garden

To the one who taught me a whole new perspective, you were something entirely different than what I have ever experienced. To see someone struggle and feel the same things I do in my faith and emotions, to know what it’s like to place my life after others, you mirror me. To see the greatness and compassion that you have shown makes my heart sore, and have a strive to do the same. In so many ways do you think like me, talk like me, you just know. You have knowledge that shares pieces with me. You listen, your kind, you do things that shine beauty into this dark world. You are incredible, and you have no idea how much you mean to me. 

To Tori Emmerson for being the voice of reason

You point to so many logical points, and your head is level in nature. Despite my emotional tendencies, you keep me on a straight path to the things I desire in faith. Not only that, but you saw me through the worst and stuck around when it mattered. When you and I experienced harsh words and criticism, I looked to you and you provided the exact words I needed to respond. One of my longest-standing friends, I appreciate you and I hope that you will continue to stick by my side year after year. 

To Ava Tilley, For being my best friend

Yes, I know how cliche it sounds, but over the past few years, I have few I can give that title to. I place large amounts of trust in you, and you listen to my rants with eager eyes and ears. You want to be with me, and you never cease to make me feel like I belong. You place a crown on my head and encourage me to work for myself. You open safe harbors to my battered ship. You are the constant presence that makes me sain through the winter months and cast fireworks into my dark cloudy sky when we can’t see the stars. All too often am I deceived as to who my favorite person is, but for now, I can finally say you are The One – platonically of course. 

Thank you to Mrs. Dykstra for bringing me joy and placing my heart on pursuing my author career. Mrs. Obrian for being my favorite math teacher. Mr. Labenz for being an incredibly calm and inspiring person showing what they love. Lydia for listening to me vent in the practice room. Yasmin for being my favorite underclassman who showed me I could appreciate energetic behavior. Seren for being a wonderful lunch buddy who shared my passion. To Mrs. Coulsin for being a fantastic present counselor during my senior year. Mr Fisher for having my back and full support in the decisions that I make. Alex for listening to me rant and talk to myself, as well as balancing and managing a perfect stage crew. Elayna and Autumn for making my first hour full of happiness and jokes. Liv for being a strong person with motivation that inspires me to do things. Silas for being an excellent communicator as well as a big smile walking around in my life. Zack for being sweet, patient, and kind to me. Harry for being so talented and dedicated to his art. Archer for introducing me to some of my favorite things nowadays. 

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About the Contributor
Mikayla Bush
Mikayla Bush, Staff Writer
Mikayla is a senior striving for a career in writing and artistry. She takes inspiration from books, media, nature, and even music. Camping, hiking, and running are all favorite pastimes of hers.  She also tries her darndest to deliver strong opinion-based pieces that prompt readers to question anything and everything and hope to even change some minds. What type of books does she want to write? Fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia. I can't read books accounting for the story of some average person. That's called asking a stranger for their life story. What is her favorite place to camp? A state park in the Upper Peninsula, McClain State Park, is just off the shore of Lake Superior. What's her favorite time of the year? Second fall, no not the first where it's still hot with a tiny bit of color. It needs to be cold enough that drinking hot apple cider is life-giving.

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