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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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A junior’s journal: New Year’s Day

The sky on New Years day that made her wish all these things


It’s a new year. The idea of a new year has always scared her. It leaves so much unknown. Here’s 365 days, and she never knows what will happen in them. She usually ends each year with different people than she started it with, and that continues to scare her. 


She finally has people who feel right. She finally has people that she knows are there for her and always will be. She doesn’t want to lose that by the end of this year. To all the people she loves, she hopes you know that she’ll stick around. She’ll always be there for you. A new year won’t make her love you any less.


She’ll help you through anything, and she’ll love you through everything. She’ll clean up your messes with you. She’ll laugh with you. She’ll cry with you. A new year doesn’t mean you’ll lose her. Please don’t let her lose you.


She knows that this year is a big one. It’s monumental for her. She wants to hold on to the memories of the past to take them with her into her future. She loves you, and all of the memories she has with you will stay with her forever. She hopes that you cherish those memories as much as she does. She hopes that you will hold onto them and look at them with fondness.

She wants to get through this year with all of the people she loves. She wants things to stay how they are. She’s scared that they won’t though. She’s scared that everyone will become a stranger she doesn’t recognize anymore, and that’s her biggest fear. Please hold onto her. Please don’t let her slip away. She doesn’t want her biggest fear to become her horrifying reality.


The new year is quickly approaching, and she’s letting all of these fears take over just as quickly. Looking back on all of the past New Year’s, she’s recognizing everyone who slipped away. Everyone she didn’t hold on to. She fears that in 365 days, she’ll be doing it once again and continuing to fear the unknown.


Her New Year’s resolution is to let the unknown become her friend and not her foe. She wants to look upon the unknown with hope. She wants to step into it and let it take her where she needs to go. Even if she ends the year with different people than she started it with yet again, she hopes that the unknown continues to be her friend. She hopes that she can smile in the face of uncertainty.

And as she wishes all these things, she knows she’ll be okay.


She hopes that she can achieve everything she wishes to and that something will guide her on the right path. She hopes that she can look upon all her fear and use it to lead herself the right way.


And as she wishes all these things, she knows she’ll be okay.


Happy New Year.

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About the Contributor
Alex Smith, Staff Photographer
Alex is a junior entering her third year on staff. She is the student director for the FHC Theatre program, and she can't wait for this theatre season to come. The theatre is her home away from home, and it means the absolute world to her. When Alex isn't writing or backstage, she is either working, taking pictures, or sleeping. Alex is looking forward to taking photos for The Central Trend this year, and she is also excited to be writing lots of columns. She is anxious for her junior year, which is said to be the hardest, but she is excited about all the opportunities she gets to explore. Favorite type of music: Taylor Swift. That's it. Biggest life goal: visit all 7 continents Astrological sign: Alex is a proud cancer What is her mantra: Try your best and you will succeed

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