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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The world around her: in a flower field

blooming pink lily field on morning

I look around, surrounded by flowers, but there is one that stands out: a lily. 

I have many things in common with a lily, not just in namesake. There are many versions of lilies, each one different from the other, but they all come from the same root flower. 

There are many versions that I see of myself; I am a different person every day that I wake up. Just like a lily flower, I show my colors in numerous ways.

Some days, I feel bright like a Stargazer; others, I feel calm like a Royal. There are even some days when I feel closed off like a Calla. Although I am the same body, I am not the same person. 

The ability to have so many different appearances while still being the same gives the flower a sense of beauty like none other. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for uniqueness among the thousands of other flowers in its field. 

Seeing myself as a lily brings many meanings. In many cultures, lilies are associated with things such as rebirth, love, and luck. I surround myself with the feelings of their meanings, bringing me closer to the flower as a whole.

Out of all the bouquets I have experienced, the one being sculpted now seems to fit just right.

As I walk around in the field, I see many other types of flowers, each one adding to the beautiful display of colors. The addition of other blooming flowers can change the view of the field. All of the flowers in my field combine to make a vivid bouquet. 

Connecting myself with such a powerful plant can bring hardships as well. The flower doesn’t always mix together well with others in a bouquet; it takes up too much space. Even though it tries so hard to fit in, it never will, but that just means it needs to find someplace else to shine. 

Out of all the bouquets I have experienced, the one being sculpted now seems to fit just right. Although the vivid colors may be difficult to look at sometimes, that doesn’t make it any less perfect. Each flower has a different personality, making the piece that much more beautiful. The flowers may be complete opposites in every way imaginable, still, they combine to make a powerful statement of beauty, trust, and love. 

I have always had a connection with flowers; I would plant them every year with my grandmas. In the garden, a lily was always planted; I had the ability to watch it bloom into something special. That recurring activity has allowed me the opportunity to correlate myself with the plant. 

So, as I continue walking around in the flower field, I take in every sight while still returning to the solace of a lily.

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About the Contributor
Lily Bouma, Staff Writer
Lily Bouma is a senior entering her first year on The Central Trend. Since she was young, Lily has held an intense fascination with two things: music and words. She has spent her life singing and listening to music, and writing has always come easy. When she isn't writing, singing, or working, you can find Lily spending time with her friends and family. Lily goes about her life with a sense of compassion and love. She loves anything that has to do with nature, especially flowers. She enjoys making other people smile, whether it be with her jokes or cracking out her horrible Eric Cartman impression. She is thrilled to spend the last of her high school career on The Central Trend and cannot wait to see what this school has in store for her. Favorite movie: Tangled Car: 2003 Ford Focus named Nancy Favorite song: Mirrorball by Taylor Swift Favorite Flower: Lily of the Valley (Ironic)

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