Lauv’s “Lost in the Light” provides perfect music for any mood


Each day, we experience different people, different events, and we feel different things. There are some days we feel happy and joyful, others where we feel dejected and forlorn, and others where we are casually going through the motions. To express these emotions, we turn to a variety of things. Some write, some sing, some just let them stew, and others, myself included, turn to music. Music provides us with something to relate to, and something to validate what we are feeling – given other people are feeling it as well. However, on days where we lie in the middle of the emotional spectrum, it is difficult to find music to associate with our feelings. Luckily, the artist Lauv provides the perfect tunes to appeal to casual emotions.

In particular, the 2015 release, Lost in the Light provides comforting tones for those days when there is absolutely nothing to listen to. Only containing five songs, the EP takes only 17 minutes to listen to in its entirety, another aspect that makes it enjoyable.

A majority of the songs featured on Lost in the Light have an electronic beat; however, the tones appeal to a chill and calm music palette. Songs like “The Other” and “Come Back Home” express the emotions behind the lyrics without making the listener feel explicitly sad. It is for this reason I find comfort in this EP in particular, given it allows me to think about how I’m feeling without latching on to things that may be keeping me down.

Not only is Lost in the Light perfect for satisfying any musical needs on an average day, it is also perfect for background music. Whether it plays in the background while studying, doing chores, driving, or anything else that may come about during the day, it provides perfect melodies as a distraction from the terrifying abyss that is silence while being calm and tranquil enough to keep anyone focused on the task at hand.

Whether it is used to fulfill any musical droughts on a casual day, or used as background noise while working, Lauv’s EP Lost in the Light is the perfect choice to satisfy the standards of a listener. By keeping the tones upbeat and the lyrics soulful, Lauv has created an EP that is unique and appeals to a variety of tastes. Lost in the Light is a perfect collection of songs for those who are in need of music that will satisfy the emotions of an easygoing day.