It’s okay to fail sometimes


Failing is always seen as something that isn’t good. If you don’t ever fail, how are you ever going to learn from your mistakes? You can fail in more than just school, but sometimes it’s alright because you can just pick yourself back up, get back up on your feet — or whatever cliche saying you want to say to motivate yourself to move forward. However, these sayings are cliches because they’re true.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have failed many times, and yes, it is terrible. The very first time was in 4th grade; it was the very first test I hadn’t studied for: the 50 states test. When I got it back, I was devastated that in red ink was the oh-so-terrible D+. Now I know a D+ wasn’t exactly failing, but for someone who was used to A’s and B’s, it was a bit of a punch in the face. What I didn’t do afterward was give up. I talked to my teacher and asked if I could retake the test, and being in 4th grade, of course, she said yes. That night, I studied for as long as I could and retook it and got an A. Don’t let one bad grade be the reason you give up on your entire academic career.

School isn’t the only thing I’ve ever failed in; there have been many failed friendships as well. There have been unhealthy ones where all I did was constantly argue. There have been people who used me because they thought I was too naive to realize it. These are the friendships that need to be let go of; it’s not just because it gives unneeded controversy in life, but someone in the friendship needs to learn how to respect someone else. It’s okay to have a failed friendship just because you and another person aren’t compatible.

I’ve also had times when I felt like I failed myself, where I didn’t meet up to the expectations I had set. The situation was it was the first dance competition of the year and it was the first time I had ever done a solo. Now, before I continue, let me explain the award system. You’re judged on technique, style, costume, facials, etc. Based on how many points you collect all together, you are awarded a bronze, silver, gold, high gold, or platinum, and then based on those, there are placements within your category. It was during awards and they had announced that I had earned a high gold, which wasn’t bad for the first time ever doing a solo. What I found out later was disappointing- I had been one point away from a platinum and which would have put me in sixth place in my category; that’s kind of a big deal for someone doing a solo for the first time. That was upsetting because I felt like I failed myself, my teacher, and everyone on my team because I could have made my studio look just a little bit better. I accepted it and moved on. I tried a little harder at practice and put as much energy as possible when I performed.

It’s alright to fail sometimes because you can learn from your mistakes to make yourself a maybe a better student, a better friend, or better at what you’re involved in. No one is perfect. We’re only human; we are not robots designed and set to do everything perfectly.