New bakery Nothing Bundt Cakes on 28th Street puts signature cream cheese frosting on every cake


I received a brochure in the mail with a coupon for a “bundtlet,” or small pastry-cake, from Grand Rapids’ newest bakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes, located on 28th Street. I was obviously intrigued, as it was cutely designed and showcased pictures of their items.

So after school one day, I decided to go. Considering they have only been open for a few weeks, I wasn’t expecting the service to be particularly spectacular; however, I was wrong. From the second I walked through the door, the staff was very attentive, always asking if I needed help, as well as providing ample information about the newly opened bakery.

If I had to describe Nothing Bundt Cake’s atmosphere in one word, it would be “cute.” Its environment is filled with springy, bright colors of pink and green, and is spruced up with several paper flowers, a signature aspect of their larger cakes.

Also, within the bakery, one has the opportunity to purchase cards and mugs as gifts.

Nothing Bundt Cake has several flavors to choose from, such as red velvet, marble, chocolate, lemon, carrot, and several others. After several minutes of contemplating, I chose three: red velvet, marble, and chocolate, costing $3.99 each.

Each cake, though not cupcakes, is small and nicely-sized for a single-serving or eating over a short period of time. To explain its size, it can fit the in the palm of a hand.

In perfectly-sized plastic cups, the cakes were packaged and placed in a paper bag to take home.

In my opinion, the marble was the best out of the three that I purchased. It was classic, as it should be. The cake itself was dense yet moist, and drizzled in cream cheese frosting, as that is Nothing Bundt Cake’s signature for every cake.

The red velvet cake was also delightful, and tasted as expected. The bakery was offering samples to this flavor before purchasing, which convinced me to pick this flavor over the other ten flavors offered. The dye from the cake, however, was almost too much– it was very rich in flavor and very intense.

The third cake, chocolate, was my least favorite. To be brutally honest, I expected more. Perhaps that batter didn’t match my usual desire of wanting something sweet that was also fluffy. It was overly rich, as it was too much chocolate for me, and the signature cream cheese frosting didn’t help either; however, I would recommend it to someone who prefers that kind of taste.

In conclusion, Nothing Bundt Cakes is something extraordinary and adds a nice touch to 28th Street. I have no doubt that the bakery will succeed in business, as it is in a prime location and will satisfy the sweet tooth of many within the Grand Rapids area– especially with its signature cream cheese frosting.