It’s Family Promise week– step up and donate

Its Family Promise week-- step up and donate

FHC has worked hand-in-hand with Family Promise for years now. This organization helps house and support homeless families to assist them in finding a new home, but they can’t do so without some help.

The already heartwarming organization has an even more inspiring holiday tradition.

During the hectic holiday season, Family Promise collects donations to create a “store.” The families who are supported by the organization can browse the store, buying name-brand toys and other assorted gifts for marked down prices. This way, they can still feel like they’re providing for their families without emptying their savings.

The week FHC raises money for Family Promise is incredibly important. Our Student Council works tirelessly with associates from Family Promise to make their dreams a reality, but they can’t do so without the donations.

This week just so happens to be Family Promise week; tomorrow is the last day to donate. During lunch, students can put their money into bins corresponding to their class in order to donate. To create more incentive to give back, the class with the largest sum of donations receives some sort of fun food during their lunch, and if the school raises over $10,000, the day before Thanksgiving break will be filled with an entertaining assembly.

This is just extra encouragement to donate to this amazing organization. Even without the special lunch or the assembly, students should be motivated by the fact that their donations could help make someone else’s holiday dream come true.

I personally urge every student to bring in money to give to Family Promise; whether it be one dollar or five dollars, every donation helps.

Think more about those you’re affecting; you could help a family have the holiday celebration they always wanted.