Fall Play: The Crucible cast list

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Betty Parris – Laura Salas (12th)

Reverend Samuel Parris – Ben Lowen (11th)

Tituba – Israell King (10th)

Abigail Williams – Meredith VanSkiver (12th)

Susanna Walcott – Olivia DiBenedetto (12th)

Mrs. Ann Putnam – Katie Woods (12th)

Thomas Putnam – Pranav Nalam (12th)

Mercy Lewis – Sarah Tiggleman (12th)

Mary Warren – Susan Toppen (12th)

John Proctor – Aaron Jachim (12th)

Rebecca Nurse – Anna Breaugh (12th)

Giles Corey – Fadi Muallem (12th)

Reverend John Hale – Linus Kaechele (11th)

Elizabeth Proctor – Ella Guikema (12th)

Francis Nurse – TBD

Ezekiel Cheever – Zach Guikema (10th)

John Willard – Alex Dellinger (11th)

Judge Hathorne – Russell Baird (10th)

Deputy-Governor Danforth – Alexander Hahn (12th)

Sarah Good – Kai’Enna Tucker (12th)

Hopkins – Mason Yarnell (11th)

Additional village girl: Alonah Spencer (9th)