Improv Team Lives Up to the Hype

If I would have known that the Saturday night Improv Show would have drawn such a considerable crowd, I would have gotten to the venue earlier than 5 minutes before it started. Me and the group of 15+ people that I was with scoured the dimly lit cafeteria made night-club for even one or two seats close enough the the stage to see the clearly much anticipated show.

The guest list ranged from proud parents to nostalgic alumni to supportive comrades all with an excited and subtly antsy look on their ill-illuminated faces. With a slogan of “Literally Anything Can Happen,” there was no predicting what was about to transpire in the next hour and a half.

After most of the audience had settled in, the intro show started with the opening act of the first-time improv team members playing a spontaneous game called “bus stop”. This consisted of one team member at a time sitting on a stool as if waiting at a bus stop and another player trying to take their seat however possible.

Some players used awkward advances to their advantage (cue Humzah attempting to kiss Cam Harris), others feigned highly contractive illnesses such as toe fungus and airborne disease to drive away the competition. All attempts garnered a laugh from the spectators and after a few more of these hilarious improv games, the opening act came to a close and the props for the main show began to be set.   

Because what’s improvisation without creativity, the “varsity improv team” was introduced by each member’s own character monologue filled with smart wit and allowed for the audience to get a brief preview into each member’s unique sense of humor.

After everyone was made familiar with one another, the production was in full swing. Similar to the opening act, the second act continued to play popular improv games as well.

The chemistry of the group resembled that of professionals who have been touring for months, and their stage presence showed how comfortable they were in the spotlight, both of which are a direct reflection of the time and energy that was spent on the final product.

If the crowd wasn’t vigilantly listening they were filling the cozy cafe with deep chuckles. I can realistically say that I heard everyone around me laugh multiple times during the performance, including myself, indicating a success in my book for the 2015 Improv Team.