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Why you should never let tragedy define you.

Inky Johnson had worked his whole life to become a professional football player. That was his dream since he was seven years old. He wanted to be able to support his family and play a sport that he loved, and he was eight games away. One game, while playing collegiately, he was hit and hit very hard. Inky woke up in the hospital facing nerve damage to his right arm, unable to play football ever again. Inky went through surgeries to attempt to make his arm stronger, but that failed.

From when he was young, Inky worked hard daily to reach his goals. After his hit, Inky decided he would never let a situation define him. His life was not over, it was just the beginning of something new. Inky understood and was unable to stop working, he was a “machine”. Inky had to learn how to live life again.

Inky decided to go back to school so he would be able to support his wife and two children.

Relating this to your life, you should never let a tragedy define you. Whether your team loses a game, you play badly in a game, or you did not achieve your goal, it does not define who you are. Behind the game stats or the outcome of the game is your hard work, the hidden key to success.