Superstitions: Miko Rodriguez, Katie McClure, Felicity Buchmaier


Miko Rodriguez is a senior baseball player for FHC. Miko is committed to the University of Texas A&M to further his baseball career next year as an outfielder.

“I drink a light protein shake for fuel and then do a full warm-up with the team so I’m ready to play injury free.”

Dual-sport athlete junior Katie McClure plays volleyball and tennis.

“I love to get pumped up before any game. For volleyball my best friend, Kate Ryan, and I always do a little bit of dancing to get pumped and on our toes for the game. For tennis, it’s more of a mindset, I love getting a pep talk from a teammate, coach, or my mom.”

Senior Felicity Buchmaier, committed to North Carolina State University, has swam competitively for eleven years. She is also a five-time State Champion in her high school swim career.

“Before a meet or important race, I’ll listen to music and stretch. I [also] just like being alone. I purposely don’t like knowing my competition and I try to block everything out. I’ll go through all the important people in my life and this sounds bad, but I block them out because it’s not smart to swim emotionally. No matter what I’m going through, I have to swim for myself. So, I’ll clear my mind of those people and just remember to have fun. [I also] listen to one of my favorite songs. I always remember to smile before a race.”