Q & A with past athletes from FHC

Name: Bailey Korhorn

College you are attending: University of Cincinnati

Sport: Soccer

Year graduated: 2017


What is it like to play sports in college?

“It’s honestly really cool to play a sport in college. Everyone knows who you are around campus and it’s nice coming into college already having 30+ friends from everyone on your team. You’re also automatically friends with all the other athletes too because we are always around each other and we all understand what it’s like to be a student athlete so that brings us together even more. Yes, sometimes it gets hard and overwhelming but in the end you know the hardships are going to make you an even better person so it’s all worth it.”


How does your sport differ from high school to college?

“College soccer is a totally different game. It’s much more fast pace than the high school level and everyone is just as skilled as you, if not better which in a way is a good thing because then you are constantly being challenged and pushed and I like that feeling.”


What is it like to represent your school in sports?

“It means everything to me to represent UC. I love wearing my UC gear around campus, it gives you a sense of pride. Being from out of state is really cool too because you feel like you are representing something more than just the college; you’re representing your city from back at home.”


How did you transition from high school to college?

“Going from high school to college is always a big transition for anyone. It honestly wasn’t that bad for me though because I had to be here July 1st so I was already on campus 2 months before school actually started. This was very beneficial because we got a taste of what college was going to be like and it helped us get familiar with the campus before everyone else showed up.”


What is your favorite part about playing sports in college? Why?

“My favorite thing about playing college soccer is just the opportunity to play the sport that I love for another 4 years. I’ve been playing soccer for about 15 years now so having that opportunity to continue playing is always a blessing. I also love all of the free gear that we get, it’s like getting a whole new wardrobe of clothes.”


What is the hardest part about playing sports in college? Why?

“I’d say the hardest part about playing a sport in college is the time management aspect of it. Here, we practice at 7am every morning and then right after practice we have classes all day so it’s very hard to fit in those much needed naps, homework or even eating. It’s a very physical and emotional struggle some days, but in the end everything works out just fine.”


How have you balanced academics and sports in college?

“Balancing academics and soccer has been a struggle from the beginning but it’s actually not as bad as people think. I feel this way because we are required to get study table hours every week and we are offered free tutors if needed. The academic side of it isn’t that bad because we have so many resources we can utilize and they’re right on campus. Some days it does suck because the night before, let’s say, I was up studying until 2am and then I’d have to wake up in 4 hours for practice and then go right to class, those days I would be physically and emotionally drained. I’d say the key to balancing academics and a college sport is getting your work done on time. If assignments are given on a Monday and due that Friday, I will always do the assignment Monday or Tuesday so I am not stressing at the last minute to finish it.”