Why siblings follow siblings


Sibling relationships are some of the most influential relationships in a person’s life. Occasionally, siblings are caught playing on the same team and playing the same sports. But why do siblings follow siblings? Often times they grew up watching and attending their siblings sporting events. It seems natural to play the same sport because they have been around it all their life. Especially for the younger siblings in the family; they look up to their older siblings. They want to follow in their footsteps and have a common ground they can connect on. They are able to help each other, encourage each other, play, and bond over doing the same athletics. However, there is an unspoken rivalry between siblings. They will often work harder to beat each other in a healthy way that not only benefits themselves but their teams. Coaches should be aware how powerful and sibling duo can be. They often think alike and play in sync with each other. Parents also have a role in why siblings follow each other in athletics. They will most likely sign their child up for the same sport they watched their older kids playing. It is only natural for siblings to want to be alike and share an interest in athletics.