Q&A with past athletes from FHC: Tanner Hallock

Q&A with past athletes from FHC: Tanner Hallock

Name: Tanner Hallock

College: Michigan State University

Sport: Football

Graduation year: 2017

What is it like to play sports in college?

“Playing sports in college is a job. It’s non stop with no breaks and constant practice or offseason workouts. It’s very challenging; you truly have to commit yourself to it.”

How does your sport differ from high school to college?

“In high school, I was a multi-sport athlete, now I’m playing football all year round. It’s very different from high school; the size is a huge difference and the speed is a lot faster. You’re playing with guys that were the best from where they came from so everyone is very talented.”

What is it like to represent your school in sports?

“I take a lot of pride to represent my school. I still wear my FHC attire and take pride in being a Ranger. FHC has shaped me into the athlete I am today. I take a lot of pride knowing not a lot of kids from Forest Hills go on to play D1 football.”

How did you transition from high school to college?

“Transition was tough. I thought I knew how to balance time and school, but college is a much harder. The amount of time you put into school and your sport takes up your whole day so there’s not much time to socialize. You’re constantly working.”

What is your favorite part about playing sports in college? Why?

“I chose to go to my dream college to play my favorite sport which has been a dream of mine for my whole life. Wearing green and white everyday and the feeling of being a Spartan is hard to put into words. I’ve met a lot of cool teammates who will be my brothers for life, and I think the family culture here is my favorite aspect of being a college athlete.”

What is the hardest part about playing sports in college? Why?

“Redshirting was the hardest part. You basically take a year off to develop by getting bigger, faster and stronger as well as getting to know the playbook. You also wake up at 5:30 in the morning three times a week during the season. It’s tough but it helps you in the long run.”

How have you balanced academics and sports in college?

“I now am two semesters into college, and I think I am just now getting the feeling of how to balance properly. You really have to commit to putting the extra stuff to the side such as socializing and going out and stay focused on your academics and athletics. At this level just participating isn’t acceptable. You need to put in extra work and get your name out there in order to see the field.”