Player Profile: Hope Whitford


Name: Hope Whitford

Grade: Senior

Sport: Competitive Cheer

How long have you been cheering for? What is your stunting position?

“This is my 6th year of cheering and I am a backspot.”

Who inspired you to start?

“I started in seventh grade because of my friend Breasia. She would teach me how to stunt with some other friends at recess in 6th grade and I immediately fell in love.”

What is the difference between sideline and competitive?

“In sideline, your job is to be as energetic as possible and to pump up the crowd and your team. In competitive, everyone has their own specific job and routine out on the mat. You put everything you have into just a few minutes.”

What is your favorite round in Comp? Why?

“Round 3 is my favorite round to compete because of the stunting. I am a backspot which means I’m on the ground helping lift the flyer in the air.”

How do you feel about FHC having their own competitive team this year?

“I think it’s great that FHC could create their own competitive team this year and how big this program continues to grow. However, I miss being able to cheer with the other Forest Hills Schools because of the bonds and friendships that are created from it.”

Why do you want to cheer for high school as opposed to an all-star program?

Competitive is a much different atmosphere based on your teammates rather than the team you are cheering for.”

What do you think is the team’s best quality?

Our team’s best quality is our versatility. We have such a wide range of talent that goes out on the mat and I can’t wait for everyone else to see us.”

Do you plan on continuing cheer through college?

Depending on the college I end up attending next fall, I’d love to continue cheering there.”