Competitive Cheer Finishes Well at DeltaPlex Invite


Senior Sami Walquist and junior Enya Burrow led the FHC competitive cheer team to a great performance at the DeltaPlex on Saturday, February 15. There were no placements for this meet, but overall, the team performed better then they have all season. FHC looks to have found their groove, as they are riding a hot streak at their season’s end.

FHC came into this meet after a better performance at Cedar Springs the following week.

“We didn’t receive a placement because there were so many teams there,” Junior Lydia Vanderiet said, “But I believe that we finished the best we have all season.”

FHC finished with an overall score of 675.82, led by Sami and Enya. They scored a 211.2 in round one, a 184.43 in round 2, and an overall high in round 3 for this season at 284.2. 

“I believe that we can finish on a high note in the end, and perform well if we come together,” Lydia said.

The Rangers have their final meet at Comstock Park on Monday, February 17th.