A week in the NFL: why I think Aaron Rodgers should win the MVP award


After the 2020 NFL Draft, there were a lot of questions being asked about a lot of teams and how they drafted, but one stood out from the rest: why did the Packers draft Jordan Love? 

Well, I couldn’t give you an answer to that question, but all I can tell you is that it really set off starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In an interview with a local NBC affiliate, Rodgers made a statement saying, “I thought I would spend my whole career here [in Green Bay], but we may need to look at other routes and opportunities down the road.”

However, it was a career year for Rodgers, and it felt like another level was clicking with him this year. Rodgers looked a lot more relaxed in the pocket and threw the ball better than any quarterback in the NFL. Rodgers completed just over 70% of his passes this season for a total of just under 4,300 yards and added 48 passing touchdowns. Along with this crazy stat line, Rodgers only threw 5 interceptions all year, totaling just under 0.75% of his passes all year.

Compared to other quarterbacks in the NFL, Rodgers beats out almost everyone in every stat except for completion percentage, which Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen eclipsed by one percent. This is the main reason that I think Rodgers should get MVP, but along with his stats comes the fact that he did this with a banged-up wide receiver core all year. With secondary target Allen Lazard being out for most of the year, Rodgers had to rely on his primary target Davante Adams most of the time. Even though he had guys like running back Aaron Jones and breakout tight end Robert Tonyan, Rodgers got through a banged-up offense all year and made the most of it. 

The third and final reason why I think Aaron Rodgers should win the MVP award is because of all the adversity that he faced this year. After last year’s sub-par postseason performances, a lot of people thought that Rodgers was washed, and at the age of 37, some people thought that they would never get to see primetime Aaron Rodgers ever again. He proved all doubters wrong as he went on to have his second-best year statistically and arguably his best season as a team to date.

If Rodgers does get beat out by either Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen, it is a shame that NFL fans never looked at the fact that Rodgers overcame so much this year and proved to everyone that he still has it despite his old age. I hope that Rodgers and the Packers can get the job done and bring the fifth Super Bowl trophy back to title town as this would get him an automatic bid as the MVP winner.