Senior Josh Ball Swims, Bikes, and Runs Past the Competition


There are many athletes in the world. Some swim, some bike, some run, but some elite athletes do all three. Senior Josh Ball is one of these athletes. He participates in triathlons, which bring together swimming, biking, and running in immediate succession.

“I started triathlons mainly because my dad always did them,” said Josh, who also participates in 3 varsity sports at FHC . “I spent a lot of my summer weekends growing up watching the sport, and from a very young age I knew I really wanted to do them. Triathlon consists of a swim, a bike, and a run. I compete mainly in olympic distance, which is a .92 mile swim, a 24.8 mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run.”

Josh’s dad, Mike Ball, has supported Josh throughout his whole triathlon career. He believes that Josh got into the sport mainly because of his dad but now he does it because he truly enjoys it. Mike also said that most of their family has participated in triathlons, including Josh’s older sister.

“Josh actually started racing before his sister did, so if anything he influenced her,” Mike said. “I do think he really likes the family involvement we have when we all race together.”

This past summer, Josh earned on a spot on the U.S. Team and competed in the World Championships in Chicago. He finished 15th at the National Championships in Wisconsin and was the third 18-year-old across the line. Also, he got his first win this summer in the Olympic distance at the Lumberman Triathlon.

According to Josh, his favorite triathlon was the National Championships in Wisconsin. He explained that the course was really fantastic and that the race had a much more serious feel than Worlds, because it was where he had to qualify for Worlds. The feel was much more intense, whereas Worlds almost felt like a vacation. Also he spent extended periods of time preparing for that race. Despite his admiration for the National Championships, he couldn’t discredit the experience he had by being on the United States team at the World Championships.

“Being on the U.S National team was an unreal experience,” Josh said. “Getting all the uniforms and clothing a couple weeks before was definitely a highlight and helped build up a lot of hype. The race plus the whole week of festivities in Chicago was absolutely amazing. Getting to ride elevators with pro triathletes all week was definitely a bonus. There were over 57 countries competing in the world championships that weekend, and my hotel consisted of Japan, Australia, Netherlands, and the US. The atmosphere was just so electric, it was unlike any race I had done before.”

Mike explained that it requires tons of training to compete on the level Josh has competed at. Josh has raced domestically and internationally, which puts him as one of the elite triathlon athletes of his age in the United States.

Along with being one of the country’s elite, Mike spoke about his son’s continual commitment to the sport. Mike and Josh’s mom, Kim, continue to support his because he has such passion for the sport.

“It takes a lot of commitment and training, and we try to make sure Josh has all the resources he needs to train and race,” Mike said. “I also like to cheer like crazy when he’s racing. I’m most proud of the humble attitude he’s maintained.  He knows triathlon is a humbling sport and he always tries to focus on making other people feel good about their results.  He was even humble the first time he beat me in a race, which was a couple of years ago. He is much faster than I am now.”

Josh made a point to say that he wouldn’t be where he is without the love and support of his parents. He will continue his triathlon career this summer in Cozumel, Mexico at the World Championships.