This year’s exam week ushers in a new schedule

The schedule of any school district is a tricky puzzle and even more so for a district the size of Forest Hills. With eighteen buildings among four different levels of schooling, the puzzle pieces are more like jagged confetti.  To make the schedule fit with the needs of all our schools and still work within the confines of the state laws on required in-school hours, the administration has made changes to this year’s exam schedule.

All those involved, administration and students, hope to find a schedule that works within the requirements of the state but also fits the student body best. Maybe this year’s schedule will be the answer.As the State of Michigan and Forest Hills Public School District work to revise and renovate the examination system, the student body attempts to keep up. For the past few years, holiday and midterm season have not so peacefully coexisted, resulting in a constant change up of the exam schedule.

After next week’s exams, The Central Trend will be publishing the opinions of both students and faculty in the hopes that we can continue to engender change until a solution is found that is satisfactory to all those involved.