We need to crave the moments in between


I think that it comes as no shock for me to say that we as humans define and measure our lives by the massive, memorable, and mesmerizing moments. We focus on the scrapbook-worthy, framable events that mark our calendars and are featured on our social media accounts. We think that these will be the instances that are most salient, the important times that we will want to tell our grandchildren about

Every Sunday night, when I look forward to the week ahead of me, I think of it based on the rigor of my school work. Quiz on Monday. Paper due Thursday. Math test on Friday.

However, in my drowsy days of summer, when I am languid and idle-minded, these are not the moments that I will fondly reflect upon. They’re often not the large but positively-oriented times either.

I will be thinking of the little moments. The times spent with nothing more than smiles and conversations. These are the moments that we really exist in. When we are in between the vast lows and the soaring highs, we are at our most human.

When we are in between the vast lows and the soaring highs, we are at our most human.

When I have a long and busy day, often what I tell my mom about are the smaller interactions I have had. Maybe someone cracked a witty joke or some of my friends and I danced in the hallways when we thought no one was watching.

I sometimes feel as if I am propelled through life by an invisible countdown. Only four more weeks until spring break. Only eight days until the next precalculus test. Only one week until the musical.

Whether I am anticipating the good or the bad, the problem itself is that I am always in a state of waiting, and I hate it. When we live by the arbitrary rules of this invisible countdown, it is like we are seeking to disregard all the fantastic things that could happen in between.

The times when we really get to know others and ourselves are found within the in-between moments. Spontaneous activities spur spontaneous conversations, which is the first step in making friendships.

The times when we feel the widest range of emotions are found in the in-between moments. When we are not caught up in any large activities, we get to be at ease. This allows to laugh at the hysterical parts of life and cry at the harrowing ones.

The times when we are allowed to be our truest selves are found in the in-between moments. We have a chance to relax and be at ease, a chance to let down our guard and be whoever we want to be. Our authenticity is put on display.

The times when we really get to live are found in the in-between moments.

I need to learn to stop the invisible countdown. Things will happen when they happen, and, in the meantime, I will live my life in the in-between moments.